How to Offer Residential and Commercial Deliveries

How to Offer Residential and Commercial Deliveries


B2B merchants need fast and efficient methods to have their goods delivered as quickly as possible. Finding the right delivery service to complete commercial deliveries can pose a unique set of difficulties, which is why having the best partners is crucial.

Businesses need to be able to deliver to all types of customers to see the best results. This article outlines the differences between these two types of deliveries, we well as what difficulties are faced in each situation.

What are Residential Deliveries?

Residential deliveries are deliveries to a home or private residence. When delivering to residential addresses, delivery providers will often leave parcels on doorsteps or inside mailboxes. Sometimes these deliveries will require a signature, but they almost always require proof of delivery photos to complete.

Residential deliveries can also include home businesses. Some of the problems with residential difficulties are that they can occur in distant rural areas, which require many more workers to deliver to.

What are Commercial Deliveries?

Commercial deliveries are those which get delivered to business addresses. When delivering to business addresses, most deliveries require signatures for documentation.

Commercial deliveries are typically less expensive than residential, but they can be more difficult to organize. For example, business deliveries must be dropped off within business hours, or no one will be there to collect them. This presses a constraining window on the delivery provider.

Why You Need to Offer Both

If residential and commercial deliveries are quite literally the opposite of each other, why do you need to offer both?

Pleasing customers is the key to long-term success, as well as customer loyalty. By delivering your goods to any customer, residential or commercial, you widen your audience. Business customers might also offer higher volumes of orders, a vital reason to avoid them.

However, to offer commercial deliveries, you’ll need to partner with the experts who offer the best delivery solutions and features. Commercial deliveries require professional, respectful delivery drivers to please your customers and meet delivery expectations. This includes collecting signatures, following delivery instructions, and making sure customers are satisfied.

Offering Commercial Deliveries

To succeed in offering commercial deliveries, merchants need to offer the best features. These might include a transparent delivery timeframe, live tracking options, real-time SMS updates, and on-call customer service support. FlashBox offers next-day business delivery to do just that.

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