Last-Mile Visibility Benefits for Third-Party Deliverers

Last-Mile Visibility Benefits for Third-Party Deliverers


Last-mile delivery is the final stage of the online shopping process, in which the customer receives a product. The last mile can account for up to 53% of total shipping costs, making it a prime area for improvements that can save time and money for third-party shippers, retailers and customers. Investing in last-mile visibility can make your shipping process more efficient, provide you with better data and keep customers happy.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Last-mile visibility solutions keep customers updated on where their package is, who will deliver it and when they can expect it to arrive. This transparency is essential to customers who have increasingly high expectations for shipping times. When customers can see when their parcels are in transit and get an accurate delivery time, it increases customer satisfaction. Specifically, it provides a better shopping experience while keeping them engaged and increasing visibility.

Optimize Delivery Efficiency

Getting insights into where your drivers are at any given time, what routes they travel and when the parcels are delivered is critical. You can use this information to make your delivery process more efficient. Last-mile visibility allows you to see whether any steps in your last-mile delivery process are ineffective and adjust accordingly. This visibility means that you can offer efficient same-day delivery services.

Provide More Precise Shipping Times

Correctly predicting when your packages will arrive at their destinations is a requirement for modern businesses. ETAs allow third-party logistics companies and their retail partners to plan more effectively and ensure that the shipping timelines they promise are reasonable. Delivery times are also an important factor for customers. One survey reported that 83% of shoppers said that knowing when an item will arrive is the most critical service for an online retailer to offer. In short, using last-mile visibility strategies provides accurate shipping times for clients.

Collect More Accurate Data

A last-mile visibility system allows you to gather data. Important data points to note can be which deliveries are made on time, whether estimates are accurate and how frequently packages cannot be delivered. You can also track the efficiency of your delivery drivers and the routes they’re using. This information allows you to spot opportunities for cost and time savings.

Adapt to Issues in Real-Time

Knowing where a package is during the final points of the shipping process allows you to catch any issues that could lead to delays. Having this insight allows you the opportunity to make adjustments to correct the problem. Good last-mile visibility practices will enable you to change delivery routes, stay in touch with drivers and update the customer as needed.

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