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Why Same-Day Delivery Speed Matters for Brands


If your shipping takes longer than a few days, 85% of consumers will buy from another company. Therefore, the ability to deliver products at an outstanding speed is a must for any brand. This is why we’ve seen so many companies focus on same-day delivery speed in recent years.

Whether you are looking to improve your customer service or want to stay ahead of the competition, you must understand how speed can impact both your bottom line and public perception. This blog post will go over some important reasons why same-day delivery service matters for brands today. Let’s dive in.

Consumers Value Convenience

You may think, “I already know that convenience is essential.” But do you? The fact is, 80% of shoppers say same-day delivery speed is essential to them when considering where to buy online, but only about half of the online vendors can deliver within 24 hours.

It makes sense that customers have such high expectations. In-store purchases offer instant gratification: You see what you want and then walk out with it in hand after paying.

Online shopping doesn’t always work this way. It can take days or even weeks before items arrive at your door. Brands should look for ways to improve their delivery options to provide the same service level as brick-and-mortar stores.

Speed Has Become a Competitive Differentiator for Brands

Fast delivery is now a critical factor in attracting and keeping customers. 67% of Amazon’s consumers chose the website because of affordable, fast shipping, which is only growing.

Speed is essential to your customer experience because it makes you memorable. When you can deliver on time (or even early), customers can count on you when they need something. This gives you an edge over other retailers that are slow and unreliable.

Same-Day Delivery Can Help Manage Your Brand’s Reputation

You might not think of speed as a reputation management tool, but it can be.

Lots of customers now want their packages in under 3 hours. Imagine a customer who placed an order at 11 am and then waited until 8 pm the next day to receive it. The reviews they’ll leave can be a nightmare for your brand, especially if it’s a high-value purchase.

This is where same-day deliveries can help. These services are a great way to ensure customers have good things to say about you.

 Deliver Your Products Across Canada

So there you have it. Same-day delivery is an increasingly important selling point for companies, as consumers demand faster and faster shipping from retailers. That’s why you should consider FlashBox; it can help you stay on top of your customer’s expectations.

FlashBox is a leading same-day delivery service in GTA and Vancouver that gives businesses the flexibility to ship anywhere from a few orders per week up to hundreds daily. Talk to an expert about your business needs and offer same-day delivery service for as low as $6/parcel.

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