Same-Day Delivery Partner for Brampton Board of Trade Members

As a fellow member of the Brampton Board of Trade, we are happy to manage your deliveries across multiple industries, including retail brick and mortar outlets, e-commerce, restaurants, grocery stores, and professional services.


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Brampton Board of Trade same Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery across the GTA

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    We’ve Got You Covered

    No matter what industry you operate in, our adaptive business solutions will have you covered. In addition to our same-day delivery service, we offer businesses individual services depending on their business needs.

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    First-Mile Delivery

    The first-mile delivery is time and margin-sensitive. We help you to reduce delivery costs and emissions, therefore, boost profitability. You’ll be able to manage and scale your fleet capacity.

    Collect From Client

    FlashBox helps provide easy product returns from your customers. Use us to coordinate the transfer of your products back to you.

    Collect from Business

    FlashBox offers a fast and flexible business collection both from your stores and other businesses.

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    Mid-Mile Delivery

    Mid-mile logistics is where goods get transferred from a warehouse or distribution center to fulfillment facilities. Our services provide you with the clarity and consistency of working with one service provider.


    Need to get your product inventory distributed across your stores? FlashBox offers fast and seamless inventory transfer between stores.


    We offer cross-docking-as-a-service. Suppose you need to have your products quickly transferred from your supplier or manufacturer directly to you. In that case, FlashBox can help facilitate the transfer.

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    3 Easy Steps

    How It Works


    1. Connect

    We schedule a time to understand your delivery needs and create your ideal delivery experience for your customers.

    2. Setup

    We get you set up with FlashBox’s digital platform. You can schedule deliveries directly on our web dashboard or integrate our plugins and apps directly into your e-commerce platform.

    3. Deliver

    We start delivering your packages. Deliveries with FlashBox ensure your packages come with live tracking, proof of delivery, and optimized delivery routes to ensure efficiency.

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    Let's Work Together

    FlashBox is here to help fellow Brampton Board of Trade members in their same-day delivery needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! Every day we help businesses with all shapes and sizes across the GTA to make same-day delivery fast and easy. Whether your business just has a few deliveries per week or larger daily orders, we can scale your service accordingly.

    Get in touch with our professional sales team to find out more.

    With FlashBox you can deliver almost anything to where you need it to go within the GTA. From small and fragile goods to large and bulky items, we offer a range of vehicles and drivers to provide fast and effective delivery solutions for businesses.

    At FlashBox, we make everything simple, that’s why our pricing is simple with no hidden fees, $6 per parcel for all your same-day deliveries within the GTA.

    At FlashBox, Every delivery is insured for up to $100 per package. Anything above that, our insurance company will charge 1% of the parcel value.

    FlashBox allows you to track orders via our dashboard and keeps you and your customers updated by sending you notifications via SMS and Emails during the delivery process.

    At FlashBox, we provide same-day delivery solutions in every industry such as Grocery, E-Commerces (Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce), Retail, Wine & Spirits, Prescription Drugs, Perishables & Meal kits, Commercial solutions.