Joining FlashBox's fleet of independent drivers will give you access to a flexible and customizable driving environment. You will be working amongst other independent drivers who champion professionalism, trustworthiness, and reliability.

Please watch the video below to make the most out of your delivery experience. At the end of the video, you will get a link to take our driver quiz.

Why Join FlashBox Professional Fleet of Drivers?

We’ve worked hard at making FlashBox the most attractive place to work. With a range of benefits and our support to develop your career as a self-employed professional driver, there’s no reason not to join.


Flexible Working Hours

When you’re a driver with FlashBox, you’re in control of your work hours. We conduct deliveries all day, so you, as a FlashBox driver, can work when it suits your schedule.


Earn Anytime, Anywhere

FlashBox is currently servicing the GTA, which means you can drive whenever and wherever in the GTA you want.


Make up to $25/Hour

The more you drive, the more money you make. When demand is higher than average, you can earn even more.


Driver Performance Data & Analytics

You will receive a report of your past orders and transactions, allowing you to track and analyze key performance metrics.

Don’t Only Take Our Word for It

Every day, I get different missions, I go to all sorts of places and meet lots of interesting and nice customers.
I think you can get bored easily if you work in a confined place and you end up not enjoying what you do.
Working with FlashBox disrupts the routine.

Part-Time dame day delivery Driver

Matheus, FlashBox Driver