Simple and Fast Inventory Movement

Are you a proud owner of your very own brick-and-mortar retail store? FlashBox offers same-day delivery services
to and from your shop at affordable prices.







Why Brick & Mortar Stores Use FlashBox

Traditional brick & mortar stores turn to FlashBox for their same-day delivery needs. Our reliability and seamless experience make
it easy for busy store owners to use our platform. Plus, we make it easy for business owners to get in touch with us. If you have
an urgent question during delivery or have a general inquiry, rest assured you can get in contact with FlashBox.

Deliver From Across the GTA

Transport your products directly from your storefront or warehouse to your customers. FlashBox can pick up and drop off your products anywhere within the GTA.

Request & Manage Deliveries
All on One Platform

Use our web dashboard to select your delivery
solution, input your pick-up and drop-off
locations, and submit your order for delivery.

Save Your Business’s Time & Money

Let FlashBox create the most optimized route
to save you time and money. Your parcels will
be paired with a professional driver who will
ensure the safe delivery of all packages.

How It Works


Log In To Our Web App

Using the credentials
sent to your email, you
will log in to our web

Upload Your Drop-Off

Once you have selected
Same-Day Delivery, you
can upload your order
directly to the


Submit Your

Once you’ve confirmed
all information is
correct, submit your
order and prepare for
parcel pick-up.

What do we offer at FlashBox?

Your Business's Perfect Delivery Partner


Same-Day Delivery

Our off-the-shelf solution focuses on getting your parcels
where they need to go.

Custom Delivery Solutions

In addition to our Same-Day Deliveries, we offer additional delivery solutions to businesses.
Our custom delivery solutions are priced based on a multitude of factors. Including
the number of parcels, the size and weight of parcels, and distance travelled.


Dedicated Delivery


Express Delivery with Robots

Coming soon ...

Need Support

Contact our support team
Phone: +1 888-631-7895 (Toll-Free)
E-mail: support[at]