Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Every day we help businesses of all shapes and sizes offer same-day delivery to their customers. Whether your business has a few weekly deliveries or larger daily orders, we can scale your service accordingly.


With FlashBox, you can deliver almost anything. From small and fragile goods to large and bulky items, we offer a range of vehicles and drivers to provide fast and effective delivery solutions for businesses.

At FlashBox, we make everything simple. That’s why our pricing is straightforward with no hidden fees. Contact us to discuss your delivery needs and get a quote.

At FlashBox, we insure every delivery for up to $100 per package. 

FlashBox allows you to track your orders through our dashboard. Our tracking also keeps you and your customers updated by sending notifications via SMS and email during the delivery process.

Yes! Please schedule a demo with us to chat about how we can best suit your delivery needs

  1. First-Mile Logistics: Transfer of goods to a warehouse or distribution center.
  2. Mid-Mile Logistics: The transfer of goods from a warehouse or distribution center to fulfillment facilities.
  3. Last-Mile Logistics: The movement of goods from a transportation hub or a retail store to the final delivery destination.

Contact our sales team to get a quote.

When you place your orders before 11 am, you can rest assured that they will get delivered before 10 pm on the same day.

FlashBox has Parcel Insurance and Delivery Protection to ensure your products are safe.

We welcome all Canadian residents who are 18 years old and above and are interested in earning extra income by delivering for FlashBox. To get started, please sign up for free and start making money today.

We’re sorry that you did not receive an email! Make sure that you check your Spam folder. If still didn’t receive any emails please chat with our support agents here.

Your earnings are determined by your total driving time from the moment the parcel is picked up until the last drop-off destination. We pay a fixed rate of CAD 20/hour based on an initial 35km travelled. Any additional distance driven above 35km will be paid according to your vehicle size. 

Cars: $0.35 cent/km
Mini-van: $0.40 cent/km
Cube van: $0.50 cent/km


On Monday, you drive for 3 hours in a sedan car and travel 100km. 
You will receive a total of $82.75.

$60.00 for driving (3 hours x $20/hour) + $22.75 for mileage (65km x $0.35)

At FlashBox, we pay out driver earnings bi-weekly. After completing your first delivery, we will contact you through email to set up your direct deposit account and proceed with payment. When the payout is successful, you will receive a detailed summary of your payout through email.

There is currently no limit to the number of orders you can take daily as long as there are no time conflicts.

At Flashbox, we allow our drivers to work according to their independent schedules. Depending on how much you want to earn, you may have a 2-hour or 6-hour delivery. 

While we try to get you going as soon as possible, the onboarding process can take up to 4-6 days. Having all of the required documentation and having followed the application process closely, you should be able to be on the road in no time!

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