At FlashBox, we fulfil your delivery needs Monday through Saturday regardless of your business type or industry. We currently service businesses of all sizes, including but not limited to: retail, brick and mortar outlets, e-commerce, restaurants, grocery stores, and professional services.

Industries We Serve

We cater to businesses’ delivery needs regardless of their size or industry. At FlashBox, we believe it is essential to focus on ensuring every company has the opportunity to receive reliable, affordable, and efficient delivery services.


Are you looking for a perfect e-commerce delivery partner For your online store? We provide seamless integration With plugins and apps compatible with all major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Magento, Prestashop and more. Just plug and play your deliveries with Flashbox.


Brick & Mortar

Are you a proud owner of your very own brick-and-mortar retail outlet? Flashbox offers Same-Day Delivery services to and from your shop at affordable prices. We can pick up your products directly from your storefront and deliver them straight to your customers. 

Professional Services

We understand the need for Same-Day document delivery within the professional service industry. FlashBox ensures timely pickup and dispatch of your documents through our reliable delivery partners. 

Retail & Luxury-FlashBox-Industries

Retail & Luxury

Fast delivery is one of the critical success factors for retail & luxury businesses. You can boost your sales with Same-Day Deliveries and amaze your customers, thanks to our delivery solutions.

3PLs and Logistics

We offer a high-quality delivery optimization solution to increase your Business’s efficiency and decrease your cost. We match your order with our professional drivers, the most optimized delivery route, all for an affordable price. 

3PLs and Logistics-FlashBox-Industries

Grocery Stores

We provide a door-to-door grocery delivery service for grocery stores. Choose where your groceries need to be delivered and let our fleet of professional drivers handle the rest. 

Prescription Medication

FlashBox can deliver off-the-shelf medication, medical goods as well as prescription medication. We know that these products are sometimes time-sensitive, that’s why we ensure same-day delivery.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Every day we help businesses of all shapes and sizes offer same-day delivery to their customers. Whether your business has a few weekly deliveries or larger daily orders, we can scale your service accordingly.

Get in touch with our professional sales team to find out more.

With FlashBox, you can deliver almost anything. From small and fragile goods to large and bulky items, we offer a range of vehicles and drivers to provide fast and effective delivery solutions for businesses.

At FlashBox, we make sure our pricing is straightforward. 

At FlashBox, we insure every delivery for up to $100 per package.

FlashBox allows you to track your orders through our dashboard. Our tracking also keeps you and your customers updated by sending notifications via SMS and email during the delivery process.

At FlashBox, we provide same-day delivery solutions in every industry. 

Grocery, eCommerce, retail, wine & spirits, prescription drugs, and commercial solutions are just a few of the many industries we can service.

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