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Same-Day Delivery

FlashBox makes your deliveries simple. As an affordable delivery solution, we want to make your business deliveries easier. That’s why we offer same-day delivery for only $6 per parcel across all of the GTA.


per parcel, across the GTA



We Offer Simple, Transparent Pricing
With 0 Hidden Fees

If your business is within the GTA, we can pick up your deliveries and deliver them directly to your customers' front door. Whether you require pick-up from your storefront, warehouse or home, we can do it. Our affordable pricing allows you to access a fleet of independent drivers for only $6 per parcel.

X-Small Parcel

Fits into an Envelope 15"x12"x0.5
2Lbs(1 kg)


per parcel

Small Parcel

Fits in an iPhone box
10Lbs(5 kg)


per parcel

Medium Parcel

Fits in a Shoe box
20Lbs(10 kg)


per parcel

Large Parcel

Fits in a backpack
45Lbs(20 kg)


per parcel

X-Large Parcel

Fits in a Suitcase
50Lbs(22.6 kg)


per parcel

Key Features

Features That Drive Your Deliveries

At FlashBox, we listen to what our customers need from their delivery partners. We make informed decisions and develop cutting-edge features a delivery partner should have. Here are just a few of the ways we provide affordable, quality service:

Favorite Features
and Capabilities


Streamline Your Deliveries With Our Affordable Delivery Solution


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Every day we help businesses of all shapes and sizes offer same-day delivery to their customers. Whether your business has a few weekly deliveries or larger daily orders, we can scale your service accordingly. Plus, no matter your size or industry – pricing is always $6 per parcel. 

Get in touch with our professional sales team to find out more.

With FlashBox, you can deliver almost anything. From small and fragile goods to large and bulky items, we offer a range of vehicles and drivers to provide fast and effective delivery solutions for businesses. Deliver for only $6 per parcel. 

At FlashBox, we make everything simple. That’s why our pricing is straightforward with no hidden fees. Deliver with us for only $6 per parcel across the GTA.

At FlashBox, we insure every delivery for up to $100 per package. Anything above that, our insurance company will charge 1% of the parcel value.

FlashBox allows you to track your orders through our dashboard. Our tracking also keeps you and your customers updated by sending notifications via SMS and email during the delivery process.

At FlashBox, we provide same-day delivery solutions in every industry; pricing is always $6 per parcel. 

Grocery, eCommerce, retail, wine & spirits, prescription drugs, perishables & meal kits, and commercial solutions are just a few of the many industries we can service.

FlashBox is the leading affordable delivery solution in the GTA. Because we developed our software in-house, the savings get passed onto you. Pricing stays the same regardless of business size or product type. Try delivering with FlashBox today for only $6 per parcel.