Tailor-Made Delivery Solutions for Businesses

We know that every business comes with different delivery needs. For this reason, we offer seamless delivery solutions optimized and suited for these needs.

Trusted by many businesses

Trusted by many businesses


Supply Chain

Last-Mile Delivery Solution

Last-mile delivery is the movement of goods from a transportation hub or a retail store to the final delivery destination. The final delivery destination is generally a personal residence but could be another business or office. The goal of last-mile delivery solutions are to provide deliveries as fast and efficiently as possible. A last-mile delivery solution is the preferred delivery method for companies to ensure their products arrive quickly and safely.

Ship From Store

Ship products directly from your store to your customers.

Ship From Warehouse

Have your products shipped from a warehouse directly to your customers.
Rest Assured

We’ve Got You Covered

No matter what industry you operate in, our adaptive business solutions will have you covered. In addition to our same-day delivery solution, we offer businesses individual services depending on their business needs.
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First-Mile Delivery

Move products from your warehouse to a fulfilment facility with FlashBox. We help you reduce delivery costs and emissions, therefore, boosting profitability.

Collect From Client

FlashBox makes product returns from your customers easy. We coordinate the transfer of your products back to you.

Collect From Business

FlashBox offers a fast and flexible product collection from businesses.
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Mid-Mile Delivery

Mid-mile logistics transfers goods from a warehouse or distribution center to fulfillment facilities. When working with FlashBox, we make it easy to streamline and simplify the delivery process.

Store-to-Store Solution

Need to get your product inventory distributed across your stores? FlashBox offers fast and seamless inventory transfer solutions between stores.

Cross-Docking Solution

We offer cross-docking-as-a-service. FlashBox helps facilitate the transfer of products from your supplier or manufacturer directly to you.
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3 Easy Steps

How Our Solution Works


1. Connect

We schedule a time to understand your delivery needs and create your ideal delivery solution for your customers.

2. Setup

You get settled on our digital solution platform. You can schedule deliveries directly on our web dashboard or integrate our plug-ins and apps directly into your e-commerce platform.

3. Deliver

FlashBox starts delivering your packages. Deliveries with FlashBox ensure your packages come with live tracking, proof of delivery, and optimized delivery routes to ensure efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. First-Mile Logistics: Transfer of goods to a warehouse or distribution center.
  2. Mid-Mile Logistics: The transfer of goods from a warehouse or distribution center to fulfillment facilities.
  3. Last-Mile Logistics: The movement of goods from a transportation hub or a retail store to the final delivery destination.

 At FlashBox, we make sure our pricing is straightforward. 

When you place your orders before 10 am, you can rest assured that they will get delivered before 10 pm on the same day.

At FlashBox, we insure every delivery for up to $100 per package. 

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