6 Tactics To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

6 Tactics To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment


Did you know that according to Statista, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 88%? It can be frustrating for e-commerce sites to see this number, understandably. Still, to overcome abandonment and recover some carts, it’s essential to understand why exactly customers abandon them in the first place.

Some of the most credible reasons for customers not completing a checkout include:

  • Unexpected costs (shipping, taxes, and fees)
  • A difficult to navigate checkout process (having to create an account or enter extra information, low payment security, and poor UX)
  • Unanswered questions regarding return policies, shipping policies, and subscription terms

In today’s post, we’re going to be looking at 6 tactics you can implement into your marketing strategy to recover some of those abandoned carts and boost conversions.

Re-Marketing Ads

Re-marketing ads are great when it comes to recovering abandoned carts. It’s the perfect way to remind customers about the products they have been viewing and versatile in the platforms you can do it on. Our top tips include:

  • adding a sense of urgency (tell them stock is running low), 
  • an eye-catching CTA, 
  • and utilizing any discounts and incentives you have.

Abandoned Cart Flows

Incorporating an abandoned cart flow into your strategy is an excellent way to reach your customers. This technique will recover some carts if you already have email marketing set up. In your flows, you can include vital information such as shipping information and FAQs. Cover anything you think might have stopped the customer from checking out. The idea is to give them that final push and overcome any pain points they experienced during the checkout process.

Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is sure to boost your conversions as well as recover abandoned carts. There are 3 specific tactics you can use to create urgency. Telling customers stock is low across your ads, offering them a time-sensitive discount or incentive, or ensuring you communicate your USPs.

Build Trust in The Checkout Process

Most shoppers worry about being conned by e-commerce stores. This fear makes it crucial to build the customers’ trust from the get-go to reduce the number of abandoned carts you get. You can build trust in several ways, but you can add payment badges to your site as a start. Badges make people feel more confident checking out as your brand quickly becomes more recognizable. Your site becomes more credible with just a few logos, and your abandoned cart levels will drop.

Optimize The Checkout Process 

Complicated checkout processes can turn off your customers. It’s essential to keep things smooth and to remove as much friction as possible. Don’t add too many steps when it comes to checkout. Offering a guest checkout option is a great way to recover abandoned carts.

Offer Same-Day Delivery 

As mentioned earlier, expensive or unexpected shipping options are one of the main reasons a customer abandons a purchase. Offering same-day delivery is a fantastic way to entice your customers to checkout. Sometimes, it even convinces them to pay extra shipping fees. You can get rid of the unwanted wait time and offer them the convenience to make sure you stand out from competitors.

Shopping cart abandonment is far more common than we think. However, it doesn’t always mean your business is destined for failure. It is super easy to lure these customers back in with a few simple and smart marketing tricks. These tricks will help keep your checkout maximized at all times. 

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