Post-Pandemic shopping

A Guide to Post-Pandemic Shopping Habits


It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years since the pandemic began. This new way of life has shifted everything, including how we shop in Post-Pandemic.

For example, e-commerce business sales increased by 43% in 2020. And people who used never to shop online are now doing it a few times a month. These aren’t the only things about post-pandemic shopping that have changed. Please read on if you’re curious about other shopping habits that appear to be here to stay.

Small Local Businesses Are Receiving More Support

A record number of stores have closed due to the pandemic. That’s why it makes sense that more people would support local businesses post-pandemic. It helps to keep local shops open. Also, avoiding malls lowers the risk of getting infected by the virus.

Contactless Payments Are Here to Stay

We have already discussed that online shopping is steadily increasing. But when people are in actual stores, they prefer to use contactless payment methods.

Using their e-wallets or tapping their credit card reduces the potential risk of contamination. Shoppers and store employees alike find comfort in that.

Post Pandemic: Clothes Are “Up.” Groceries Are “Down.”

It would make sense that more clothing purchases have been made since the lockdown ended. Regarding groceries, 45 percent of individuals are purchasing them online. Some of this is so they can avoid “people traffic.”

However, with delays in last-mile delivery, others feel they can get more of what they need by bringing their food through an online service.

Food Delivery Services Are Still Going Strong

It’s been estimated that 90,000 restaurants have closed since the pandemic. At the same time, food delivery companies are doing better than ever.

Although last-mile delivery has also affected food delivery companies, many of these companies have managed to create ways to meet their order demands.

People Are Sharing More Data and Are Concerned About Data Privacy

Data is a hot topic on the internet. Over half of consumers are sharing their location. Eighty-four percent are sharing health information online (to help bring an end to the pandemic).

This means that more personal data is being shared than ever. As far as online shopping tips go, there are a few things that will help to protect your private information:

  • Create strong passwords
  • Limit your use of free Wi-Fi when in public
  • Make sure the sites you use are secure
  • Download the security updates on your computer
  • Use an encrypted app when messaging other people

Let Us Help You with Your Last Mile Delivery Needs

Now you know more about how shopping has changed post-pandemic. If you have a business in GTA and Vancouver and want to delight your customers with same-day delivery, feel free to contact us anytime.

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