reopening the Canadian border

Business Implications of Reopening the Canadian Border


Reopening the Canadian border will impact consumer behavior, and preparing for it could be bring some on challenges. It is hard to imagine that the world shut down and the Canadian border literally closed 16 months ago. At the time, nobody fathomed that it could have lasted this long. as a result of the loss of tourism, the Canadian economy has suffered Greatly.

Small businesses, large retailers, e-commerce, online shops, and social commerce all took a hit and had to adjust accordingly to stay afloat. With an anticipated date for Canada’s border re-opening determined, recovery plan is in the works to restore the country’s economy twhere it was just few years ago.

All of the companies who devised new business models in order to thrive during the lockdown must now be prepared to modify those business models. People will be coming back over the border and with that, they will be ready to spend money and expect to have their items right away. When you finally have the opportunity to rebuild, you do not want to find yourself in a position where you can’t get your product out to the consumer promptly.

Flashbox can help companies develop a new and sustainable model for the post-pandemic country we will live in. They are a delivery as a service platform whose sole endeavour is getting products to consumers. Flashbox offers a fleet of vehicles and drivers who can get your items where they need to go. Independent drivers are highly qualified and have had background checks. They are also trained by Flashbox to ensure dependable service.

Why FlashBox

Flashbox offers two different levels of delivery:

  • Same Day Delivery guarantees that any order placed before 2 PM will be delivered by 8 PM.
  • Next Day Delivery offers convenient time slots for every day of the week so that your customers can choose the delivery time that works best for them.

Flashbox works for any type of business including e-commerce, brick-and-mortar shops and professional services. In fact, you can have peace of mind dealing with Flashbox. Rest assured that your items will arrive at their destination safely.

We offer:

  • Live Tracking allows you to monitor deliveries in real-time and communicate with customers about deliveries through automated messaging.
  • 24/7 Support so that both you and your customer can get the help you need when you need it.
  • Signature and Proof of Delivery guarantee that your product gets to where it is supposed to go and never falls into the wrong hands.
  • Data & Analytics gives you reporting on who is asking for deliveries from your business and how those deliveries are going.

As a result, the world is getting ready to reopen along with Canada’s border. Businesses are likely to start booming again. Make sure you are ready for the traffic that is heading to your door. Reopening the Canadian border can bring on plenty of good!


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