Welcome to FlashBox’s third Customer Spotlight. We want to take the time to create a space that highlights the fantastic things our customers are doing. Additionally, you can find out why businesses choose FlashBox as their same-day delivery partner.  

Hello Seafood Crate!

Seafood Crate is your go-to shop for the freshest seafood in the GTA. They are making fresh seafood accessible to everyone. Not only do they sell seafood, but they also offer other meats & accompaniments from local Canadian businesses. Their store is truly a one-stop-shop for a beautiful meal. 

What is Seafood Crate?

Seafood Crate offers the freshest possible seafood on the market. They offer a wide variety of seafood: from tilapia to salmon to halibut to scallops & more, they have it all. They work directly with the best fisheries to ensure sustainable practice and ethical farming. 

So, how does it work? First, customers browse through their website and pick the products they would like to have. Next, they need to select the date that they want their food delivered. Because they only do deliveries twice a week, orders need to be completed a week in advance. Finally, your seafood is vacuum-sealed & insulated to ensure freshness and delivered directly to your door. 

Why offer deliveries on only 2 days a week?

Seafood Crate sets itself apart from traditional seafood retailers. In grocery stores, products sit out for days, exposed to air and deteriorating in quality as the days go on. Seafood Crate wanted to create a sustainable business that puts freshness first. To do so, they only order the amount requested by their customers each week. 

With this approach, and by offering deliveries only two days a week, Seafood Crate can reduce waste and ensure freshness and the integrity of its products. Their direct-to-customer approach makes fresh, restaurant-quality seafood accessible to all.

Why does Seafood Crate deliver with FlashBox?

Before using FlashBox for their deliveries, Seafood Crate delivered their goods with a separate third party. This third party often “delivered wrong orders” and delivered late. As a result, “customers were complaining a lot“. Seafood Crate needed “to find another [delivery] partner that is more credible.

This is when they found FlashBox. We understood their business needs and began delivering their products in September. Here’s what they have to say about working with FlashBox:

[FlashBox] is amazing, fast, incredible, and always on time. The customers are now so happy about the current delivery service. Thanks to FlashBox, we built and raised more credibility with our customers.

Where can you get in touch with Seafood Crate?

To order your own fresh seafood, check out their website: https://seafoodcrate.com/

Order before Friday at noon to get your seafood delivered on Tuesday. And, order before Wednesday at noon to get your seafood delivered on Friday.

Do you have your own delivery needs?

With FlashBox’s help, Seafood Crate can provide the freshest quality seafood promptly to their customers. In short, if you are looking for a reliable same-day delivery partner, try FlashBox for only $6 per parcel, with a minimum of 3 parcels. Click here to get started.

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