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FlashBox Collaborates with Pick-Up Courier Penguin Pick-Up


Are you looking for ways to make deliveries more affordable, even with only one parcel a day? FlashBox has your solution with a new pick-up courier collaboration. 

Same-day delivery has often felt unachievable to many businesses. Whether it requires too much effort to handle or too expensive, small businesses have been at a disadvantage. With limited time and funds, same-day delivery has been a luxury just out of reach. As major corporations roll out options for faster delivery, meeting customer expectations means keeping up. Same-day delivery is quickly becoming the new normal.

FlashBox has partnered with Penguin Pick-Up to revolutionize same-day delivery solutions and make faster delivery affordable for small businesses across Canada. With a new series of FlashBox Hubs, merchants will no longer need to meet minimum parcel requirements and can deliver as few as one parcel a day for no extra cost.

How A Pick-Up Courier Works

To understand if a pick-up courier is the best choice for you, you first need to understand how they work. Pick-up couriers are service locations that allow for the transfer of packages between buyers, sellers, and delivery providers. Businesses can drop off parcels that will be picked up by a third-party provider and then delivered right to customers’ doors. Or, companies can deliver parcels to courier locations and customers can pick them up directly from there. Delivery service locations help businesses save time and money and offer central locations for package transfers.

Penguin Pick-Up offers service locations that create more opportunities for delivery solutions. Courier service locations can cut delivery costs and help make them more affordable for merchants and customers. 

How You Can Benefit 

One factor holding small businesses face is that delivery tends to work on “priority pricing.” The price you pay per parcel will be based on your average monthly volume. The more you deliver with one provider, the better rate they’re likely to offer you. In this sense, small businesses are at a disadvantage. They don’t have the volume to qualify for cost-effective deliveries and don’t have the funds to pay for expensive rates. Hence, most small businesses settle for the most affordable option, which often takes days or weeks to deliver to customers. These businesses can’t compete with companies that pay better rates for faster delivery times. 

Small businesses can significantly profit from using courier service locations. Utilizing Penguin Pick-Up locations can help cut last-mile delivery costs by up to 75%, allowing merchants to profit more. Services are also reliable and consistent, creating a safe spot for parcels to be kept while waiting to be collected by the next person. Whether that’s a last-mile delivery provider or the customer themselves, the traditional delivery costs are reduced. Drop-off locations can also help reduce your carbon footprint by up to 67%. 

Beginning with Penguin Pick-Up, FlashBox is opening a series of Hubs for merchants to make use of. FlashBox Hubs will be service points acting as central pick-up locations for FlashBox delivery agents. 

How to Order Same-Day Delivery Through a FlashBox Hub 

As a FlashBox merchant, you can now drop off shipments at FlashBox Hub locations in operating cities to avoid the minimum parcel pick-up requirement. To have parcels picked up from your warehouse, merchants are required to pay for a minimum of five parcels, even if the order is for less. By dropping off at a Hub location, you can leave as little or as many parcels as you’d like for our FlashBox drivers to pick up. Even one parcel can now be delivered on the same day it’s ordered for no additional cost. 

Placing an order for same-day delivery through a Hub location is simple. 

  1. Through your FlashBox dashboard, place an order for delivery.
  2. When asked to specify your pick-up option, select “Drop off at FlashBox Hub” instead of “Pick up at Your Warehouse.” This lets us know you’ll be taking your parcel(s) to one of our Hub locations, and we can then send a driver to collect yours and other single parcels as well. 

*Note: You don’t need to let us know which Hub you’ll be dropping off at since all parcels will be scanned once they arrive.

Since we don’t need a driver to come to pick up your single parcel, you don’t need to pay the minimum cost. We’ll collect yours along with orders from other merchants and bring them back to our sorting facility to then be sent out on delivery. 

A New Way to Deliver with FlashBox and Penguin Pick-Up

Small businesses don’t have access to the same funds or resources as larger corporations. With the help of FlashBox and Penguin Pick-Up, same-day delivery is now available to businesses of all sizes. Same-day delivery is the new normal, and offering it is expected by customers. 

Save money and time by offering same-day delivery with FlashBox. FlashBox is making delivery even easier for small and medium-sized companies. No matter your volume, we’re ready to help you take advantage of same-day delivery!

Find all the FlashBox Hub locations here

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