How Delivery Makes or Breaks Customer Satisfaction

How Delivery Makes or Breaks Customer Satisfaction


In the past year, the number of online shoppers in Canada has increased by more than one million people. Canada is estimated to currently have just under 29 million digital buyers, and this trending increase isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. To achieve customer satisfaction, businesses need an action plan to improve their deliveries.

For these online shoppers, multiple factors influence their opinion on the overall order. The product, packaging, and price, for starters. But ultimately, the delivery itself determines the value of their overall experience. A poor delivery experience might taint their taste for life.

What makes a customer happy after ordering online? It might be a lot simpler, and more achievable, than you’ve been led to believe – which is why next-day delivery in Canada could spare you upset buyers.

Delivery Time 

The first component of true customer satisfaction is delivery speed. Everyone wants their orders as fast as possible, and seeing a long delivery time might prevent them from purchasing from you as a seller. Same-day and next-day deliveries are becoming more and more sought-out, and most buyers are even willing to pay (a little) for the luxury (more into the price later).

In addition to just speed, customers want a clear delivery window. Delayed orders are primarily upsetting because of a lack of communication, not solely the additional waiting time. To successfully please your buyers, you’ll need to offer a fast and clear-cut delivery window, as well as ensure no setbacks affect it.  

Customer Support

Second in line is an efficient team of available customer support experts that help buyers clear issues and solve delivery delays. Customers want to be kept in the loop from start to finish, and they especially appreciate companies that respond quickly to queries and resolve them. Customer support workers should be some of the most knowledgeable workers in any delivery process. If they don’t know how to solve an issue, customers lose confidence very fast.

If customer support is beyond your abilities, outsourcing a team can be an efficient way to work around the workload and still please digital buyers. The most reliable third-party delivery services have expert customer support workers dedicated to customer satisfaction who take care of buyers when there’s a problem.


And finally, price. Buyers might want fast delivery, but they don’t want to be paying a premium for it. Luckily, there’s a happy middle for everyone where cost-efficient deliveries meet fast deadlines, something that isn’t typically found with major shipping corporations.

How to Create an Action Plan to Improve Customer Satisfaction  

Customer satisfaction surveys tell us everything we need to know about digital buyers. They want fast, supportive, and affordable deliveries. These three foundational factors are collectively the most important aspects of any business’s deliveries. But yet, everyone overthinks them, making them harder than they need to be.

To stand out from the rest, a delivery action plan gives you the potential to shine. Efficient deliveries mean more to customers than you might think. Not only does FlashBox deliver faster than others, but we price our same-day deliveries lower than FedEx or Canada Post next day delivery services and have an in-house customer support team that fixes any issue on the spot.

FlashBox brings together all the moving pieces while avoiding the headaches delivery brings to mind. The trifecta of speed, support, and price.

With exceptional services across the board, we cover all the bases to ensure your customers are more than satisfied with their delivery. Work with FlashBox today to see just how painless deliveries can be.

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