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Delivery Providers Use Tech to Cut Fuel Expenses


In the Toronto area, the average gasoline price is 193.9 cents. This is a significant increase from this past November. While there are many reasons for this increase in fuel prices, businesses feel the impact on fuel expenses.

If you have a high volume of online orders, using a traditional delivery company isn’t always the quickest or cheapest option, and often customers are fronting these costs.

In this market, your business needs an upper hand in same-day delivery. Finding a company that balances all your needs at an affordable price can be difficult. Keep reading to see how FlashBox meets those needs.

Same-Day Delivery with No Hidden Fees

The price of everything is increasing these days, with shipping being no exception. Many companies must burden their customers with increased fees and fuel upcharges for same-day delivery.

These increased prices impact all different sizes of companies. Companies with their delivery service need to pay their drivers and maintain their vehicles, and these costs can be high. For businesses using a third-party delivery company, shipping costs can still be high, especially same-day delivery.

For small businesses, high shipping prices can be the difference between a customer choosing you or your competitor. FlashBox provides a cost-effective solution for your business.

For only $6 per parcel with a minimum of 3 parcels, FlashBox offers same-day delivery anywhere in the GTA, Monday through Saturday. With no hidden fees, this standard pricing will always give you the advantage over your competitor without sacrificing the speed of delivery. Save on fuel expenses by passing off the last mile of delivery.

Technology That Delivers

By using its proprietary software, FlashBox is able to save fuel costs and keep the price of shipping steadily. This allows your customer’s same-day delivery experience smooth with as few delays as possible.

When you use FlashBox, you can follow your delivery from start to finish with predictive ETAs through the app or website. You will receive a notification once your parcel is delivered. You can also talk with your driver, never having to wonder if there was a problem with the delivery.

With an easy-to-use platform, you can stack up to 20 of your orders at once. This helps save even more in fuel expenses and has a direct impact on lowering your pricing, giving you a further edge over your competition.

With all these tools, same-day delivery has never been easier and more cost-effective for your business.

Saving Fuel Expenses with FlashBox

Finding a last-mile delivery company that can provide same-day delivery can be difficult. FlashBox delivers a high-quality experience at an affordable price. With tools that make the process easy from start to finish, you can stop worrying about your shipping prices.

FlashBox helps you delight your customers and give them the same-day delivery experience. Talk with one of our delivery experts today about your delivery needs in GTA and Vancouver.

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