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Learn How to Sell Your Products on Instagram Using Instagram Shopping


Social commerce is soaring in popularity. Its value is expected to double to $1.2 trillion by 2025. As the name suggests, social commerce refers to transactions that start and end on social media platforms, primarily Instagram. With roughly 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is a massive market with immense potential for e-commerce businesses like yours.

Many Instagram users follow business accounts, making the social media platform an excellent avenue for selling your products online. As its popularity grows, more and more customers interact with brands on the site. Furthermore, Instagram’s heavy focus on visual content makes it an excellent platform for selling your products. This blog post offers a brief guide on setting up Instagram Shopping and selling your products on the site.

How To Set Up Instagram Shopping and Create a Product Catalog

Before you start selling your products on Instagram, you must:

  • Convert to an Instagram business account.
  • Ensure you sell physical goods that adhere to the commerce policies on it.
  • Associate your Instagram business profile with a Facebook catalogue in Business Manager.
  • With these taken care of, you can now set up Shopping profile by opening the menu in the upper right corner of your profile and going to Settings > Business > Set Up Instagram Shopping. You can also use Meta Business Manager to create your shop.
  • Next, you need to connect your Instagram business account to a product catalog. Log in to your Meta Commerce Manager, click the button labelled + Add catalog and choose a catalog type. The e-commerce catalog is the most suitable for online retailers.

Finally, upload your inventory. You can manually upload product information for a small number of products. If you use a Partner Platform such as Shopify, you can connect to it and automatically import your products. If you manually upload your products, make sure you include the following product information:

  • 500 x 500-pixel image(s)
  • Price
  • An SKU number
  • Product description
  • A link to your product landing page

Generate Impressive Sales on Instagram

Here are a few tips for selling your products on Instagram.

  • Work with influencers
  • Post reels
  • Use product tags
  • Showcase your product using a video
  • Use DMs to automate customer support
  • Run ads
  • Use the appropriate hashtags
  • Use live shopping stream
  • Curate user-generated content
  • You can also generate many sales on this App using the following tools.
  • Use Instagram checkout. Its checkout lets people buy directly from Shopping for Creators, product launches and Live Shopping. Shopify Merchants can set up checkout on Facebook and Instagram using the Facebook channel integration.
  • Use shoppable posts. Add product tags to your posts to let people buy directly by clicking your posts.
  • Use Instagram stories with product stickers. Product stickers let you tag specific products in Stories the same way you tag products in posts.
  • Use collections. Product collections let you curate your products into themes from an editorial standpoint and tell your brand story.
  • Use the Shop tab. The Shop tab contains all the content you’ve tagged with your products.

Same Day Delivery to Your Instagram Customers

Instagram is a massive market for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. Follow this blog post to set up your shopping profile and sell your products today. You can streamline the logistics by using a reliable same-day delivery service provider in GTA and Vancouver. Contact FlashBox today and talk to an expert about your same-day delivery needs.

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