NEW FlashBox Launches New Dashboard

NEW: FlashBox Launches New Dashboard


The Problem

FlashBox is on the way to becoming the leading last-mile delivery solution for all businesses. To get there, we need to have the most efficient, seamless and easy-to-use digital delivery platform on the market. We decided to begin by upgrading our platform to align with industry trends, leading us up the path of becoming industry leaders.

There are a few reasons why our platform needed improvement. With an increasing customer volume, we needed to ensure there were no barriers within the sign-up process. This would create a better user experience and increase satisfaction. We also needed our product to become scalable. To support any volume of customer orders, FlashBox must have as little human intervention as possible. The automation of processes will be the most efficient way to scale. To achieve these goals, we needed to streamline the delivery order process for our customers.

In short, we needed a new platform that streamlined our delivery solutions, sped up the onboarding process, and increased scalability. In turn, this will lead to customers starting their deliveries within minutes with FlashBox.

FlashBox’s New Dashboard


After concluding that we needed to streamline the delivery process for our users, we decided to upgrade our web platform. We decided the quickest way to drive value for our customers was by making both of our delivery solutions accessible via a single dashboard. Then, in order to give more people access to the dashboard, we knew we had to change our sign-up process to directly give new customers access to the platform via a single dashboard that users can sign up for by themselves.

Our new delivery dashboard had 3 main goals:

  1. create a seamless delivery experience for our customers,
  2. reduce the time it takes to onboard customers, and
  3. automate more of our delivery order processes.

To create a seamless delivery experience for our customers, we needed to focus on creating a simple user experience. In addition, we focused on streamlining all processes through our dashboard and making them more robust and easier to use.

The second goal is to reduce the time it takes to onboard customers. To do this, we needed to create a sign-up process that immediately gives access to the platform and walks the user through how the dashboard works. Doing this will reduce the amount of time users spend waiting to be onboarded and provide users with an easy-to-follow onboarding process. 

The third and final goal is to automate more steps within our delivery order process. Increasing automation will not take away responsibilities from employees. On the contrary, it will increase efficiency and allow employees to focus on more critical tasks such as focusing on customer feedback. In short, employees will not need to focus on small details within the delivery order process because those processes will be automated.

How it Works & What it Does

Our new dashboard and sign-up process have now officially launched on our website. Once on our website, customers complete the sign-up process and create their password which will be used to sign in to the dashboard. When they enter the new platform, they will be able to choose Same-Day Delivery or Dedicated Delivery. From there, they can create their order and upload all information necessary to complete their deliveries.

New Sign-Up Process

sign-up-pageOur new sign-up process puts the customer first. With this simplified process, customers create their accounts directly from the sign-up page and are immediately onboarded to the platform. This allows them to instantly begin delivering their products with FlashBox.

The simplification of this process delivered an instant increase in customer satisfaction. Customers now feel in control of their experience on our platform precisely because we grant them access immediately. The change also requires less time and effort from the customer, which we are sure they will appreciate.

New Delivery Dashboard

Our new Same-Day Delivery dashboard solidifies our web application as a comprehensive digital delivery platform. The digital experience for our customers became much more intuitive and easier to use. Specifically, when opening the web dashboard, customers are now greeted with the option of choosing Same-Day or Dedicated Delivery – keeping all of their options in the same place.

Through customer feedback, we identified our Same-Day Delivery solution as the most requested and preferred delivery service we offer. To improve customer satisfaction, we decided to make this solution more comprehensive and user-friendly. Specifically, we created a Same-Day Delivery request section on our dashboard. There, customers can request, edit and manage all of their Same-Day Deliveries. For example, to make an order customers need to create a new request, add in their pick up and drop off information and submit the request. Afterward, customers print their labels and stick them on their parcels. This process focuses on simplicity to ensure our customers are constantly engaged with the delivery order process. 

If you are a prospective customer interested in learning more about this process, consider reading our How To Do a Same-Day Delivery article and signing up from our website. If you prefer watching a video about our new platform, you can watch our new product tour as well.

The Benefits of Our Delivery Dashboard

Firstly, we introduced a more robust process for uploading addresses. If customers have errors within their spreadsheet, our dashboard will automatically inform them of the mistake and allow them to fix it directly on the platform. This eliminates the need to edit the original spreadsheet and re-upload it, saving our customers time.



Secondly, customers now have more visibility into their orders. The new dashboard allows them to view and track the status of their parcel directly on the platform. In addition to our customers, their end customers also have more visibility into the delivery process. They can get live tracking updates directly from FlashBox. This keeps our customers and their customers in the loop at all times, leading to a better customer experience. 

In addition to these solutions, our new platform also creates new growth opportunities. The platform is easily scalable, allowing us the flexibility to grow and expand the business exponentially. We plan to expand our services soon, through offering express delivery with robots. Our new digital dashboard creates the perfect home for this feature. 

In short, our new digital dashboard and specifically the Same-Day Delivery solution makes same day delivery more accessible to our customers, and easier to expand for FlashBox.


FlashBox officially launches the new dashboard and seamless onboarding process. In particular, we hope that customers are more comfortable using our platform with this new launch and have an easier time requesting deliveries. FlashBox sees this as the first step in becoming an industry-leading Same-Day Delivery service.

In conclusion, business owners looking for same-day delivery service can now have a seamless experience with our new digital delivery platform. We invite all business owners within the GTA to sign up with FlashBox and jumpstart their deliveries.

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