Preparing Your eCommerce Logistics For The Peak Season

Preparing Your eCommerce Logistics For The Peak Season


Every year, the eCommerce and eCommerce Logistics sectors increase performance throughout October and December. Salespeople rub their hands together during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season. It’s the time to work doubly hard in the hopes of exponential sales and soaring profits. 

However, before getting your hot chocolate and fireplace ready, you must prepare for a difficult battle ahead. What can happen to make this a busy, successful, and relatively stress-free period rather than an impending disaster?

Find out how to better prepare for the coming madness and equip your business for the oncoming shipments surge. Read on for some simple tips on handling the increasing package flow during the peak season, especially if you offer last-mile delivery.

eCommerce Logistics Tips and Tricks

Delays should be avoided at all costs when delivering online purchases from an eCommerce logistical standpoint. Assigning priority to fully loaded shipments is one approach to make the distribution process go more smoothly.

Certain products are always in higher demand than others. A whole load is defined as crates or containers loaded entirely with those commodities. Your containers transporting high-priority items should be clearly labelled as such. This information will aid freighters and third-party forwarders in safeguarding the valuable cargo and ensuring its timely delivery.

Foresight and Prevention

You should expect freight costs to rise and freight capacity to drop during the high season. Retailers, especially those in charge of supply chains and logistics, may face significant issues resulting from these trends.

If you wish to prepare your warehouse, you must first create a baseline by measuring your overall performance. What is the average number of items your pickers retrieve every hour? When it comes to sorting and packing orders or replenishing stock, how long does it take? What are the priorities for receiving orders, and how many orders does the facility ship every day? Before you can enhance a process, you must first measure it.

Regional Carriers

Competing with suppliers that provide next-day or even same-day delivery services can be extremely difficult. If you don’t want to let your clients down and aren’t sure what to do, enlist the support of regional carriers.

Their services are critical for quick, low-cost, and flexible distribution methods. In most situations, these carriers provide same-day delivery within 400 miles of a shipment’s origin. They also charge lower rates and levy fewer surcharges for eCommerce logistics than the primary market competitors, namely domestic carriers.

Various Carrier Services

Firstly, it’s important to note that everything is dependent on the size of your eCommerce business. If you’re a small company or one that’s just getting started, a single-carrier delivery system may be more efficient.

However, when sales rise and the impacts of peak season become more difficult to manage, it may do you good to explore employing numerous carriers to improve your distribution process. This is because delivery services have varied strengths (or weak points, for that matter). Analyzing them will aid in selecting the appropriate carrier for each shipment type.

eCommerce Logistics Final Thoughts 

Peak season equals greater demand, and eCommerce businesses’ capacity to cope with large volumes of orders is critical to their success. As a result, the value of a good shipping plan needs to be a priority. Customers demand a seamless purchasing experience, which means there should be no room for delays, lost packages, or other mistakes. To achieve this, make sure to look for reliable delivery partners for your eCommerce logistics.

Flashbox offers same-day delivery solutions for all types of businesses, regardless of their size. We specialize in providing eCommerce logistics for businesses in a wide range of industries. Talk with one of our delivery experts today about your delivery needs.

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