Shop Local The Positive Impact of Same-Day Delivery on Local Economies

Shop Local: The Positive Impact of Same-Day Delivery on Local Economies


As customers become savvier, local shops must go the extra mile to meet demands and keep up with market trends. The global marketing industry is becoming more competitive every day. As a result, companies are very aware of the need to keep up with their competitors.

Abandoned cart marketing strategies are becoming more and more popular, as marketers have quickly realized the most common reason for abandoned carts is usually lack of fast delivery.

Same-day delivery is quickly becoming a must-have marketing tool for local businesses and is imperative for recovering abandoned carts. The impact of same-day delivery is having a positive impact on local economies for many reasons. For example, more customers are encouraged to buy, which leads to business booms for local stores.

This article will look at the positive impact of same-day delivery on local economies.

Growth in Website Conversions

Offering same-day delivery ensures your digital customers are immediately satisfied. Same-day delivery subtly blends in-person and online customer experiences, allowing customers to feel that they are getting the most out of their purchase.

It is essential to advertise same-day delivery across your website where possible, to understand whether this is an incentive for you to offer.

In boosting the local economy, growing your website conversions allows you to increase your customer base. Once customers know who you are and trust you, they are more likely to visit your physical store if they live locally.

Trigger Repeat Purchases

Gaining repeat customers is vital for local shops and small businesses. By offering same-day delivery, you impress your customers from the very first order.

Once customers receive their order on time, you have now taken the first step in building their trust and creating a solid relationship. This relationship means your local store can now start advertising targeted products to them. This method of advertisement will boost conversions and increase profits.


According to Supermarket News, of more than 1,000 US adults polled, 76% said they would be more likely to order household items locally if they could get same-day delivery. As a result, shoppers are buying local, as opposed to e-commerce giants such as Amazon. A further 54% reported that they would be happy to pay local stores for same-day delivery.

It’s not surprising to hear that brands such as Amazon have raised consumers’ delivery expectations. Polls like this highlight the importance of keeping up with the market. Many customers will instead shop local if the right deals are available to them. By offering same-day delivery, you open your local business up to a larger audience of potential customers.

In conclusion, offering same-day delivery is a vital marketing incentive that is becoming more popular amongst local brands. It has a positive impact on local economies, and if you haven’t already considered it, try FlashBox for your same-day delivery needs in the GTA.  Start Today.

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