Same-Day Delivery

Have your parcels delivered 6 days a week. See an increase in
customer satisfaction with our affordable, industry-leading
Same-Day Delivery solution. This delivery service is our off-
the-shelf solution focused on delivering your products.

Trusted by many businesses

Trusted by many businesses

FlashBox Same day Delivery

How does Same-Day Delivery work?

To use our off-the-shelf delivery service, you must meet
the following requirements:

Orders will be taken to our sorting center and organized into
routes. From there, our independent drivers deliver orders
before 10 pm.


This delivery solution is perfect for large
volume, regular type items and non-urgent
deliveries. Businesses of all sizes and
industries can use this delivery solution
as long as they meet our minimum


Increase customer
satisfaction with an affordable
Same-Day Delivery solution

Create Your First Same-Day
Delivery Order

To get started, all you need to do is sign up and receive your log-in
information. From there, you can begin placing orders.


Log In To Our Web App

Using the credentials
sent to your email, you
will log in to our web


Upload Your Drop-Off Locations

Once you have selected
Same-Day Delivery, you
can upload your order
directly to the website.


Submit Your Order Before 11 am

Once you've confirmed all of
your information is correct,
please submit your order
before our 11 am cut-off time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Same-Day Delivery is perfect for businesses looking for an affordable, off-the-shelf same day delivery product. It is perfect for large volume, regular type items and non-urgent deliveries.

Only adequately packaged parcels will be accepted by our drivers. If packages are open, broken, damaged, leaking, unsafe, tapped together, or able to withstand the rigours of delivery, our drivers have the right to refuse delivery upon pickup. 

For more details, visit our help article

  • Merchants must submit their order forms before 11 am
  • We pick up merchant parcels
  • Parcels are brought back to our sorting center in Markham to be organized into delivery routes 
  • We deliver parcels to the drop-off locations
  • Most deliveries are completed by 10 pm

The largest item we can deliver is 32″ x 20″ x 14″ (the size of a large suitcase) and the maximum weight is 66lbs. 

For more details, reference our help article.