Leveraging Old and New Solutions to Optimize Last-mile Deliveries

Leveraging Old and New Solutions to Optimize Last-mile Deliveries


COVID-19 has caused changes in consumer behavior, esp. delivery. APQC research found lower tolerance for delays and lack of visibility, even for B2B customers. There’s been an increase in online orders vs. brick-and-mortar stores. Companies should meet delivery needs more robustly to stay competitive.

As the world of commerce continues to move online, businesses must find new and unique solutions for last-mile delivery in order to keep up with consumer demand. Although traditional delivery services have been effective for many years, advances in technology have opened up a range of potential solutions that involve both older methods as well as innovating new ones.

In this blog post, we will discuss why it is important for businesses to make use of both old and new solutions when it comes to their last-mile delivery operations.

Utilize Existing Delivery Methods 

If your business relies on direct-to-customer fulfillment, then you need to be aware of the important role that last-mile delivery plays in optimizing your overall logistics operations. With even the slightest delay or disruption in goods reaching customers, businesses can face costly repercussions such as late shipments and dissatisfaction.

One of the most important steps in creating a successful last-mile delivery solution is utilizing existing delivery methods. Traditional methods such as mail carriers, parcel services, and courier services are still essential elements of any successful last-mile delivery solution.

These established services are reliable and cost-effective and allow businesses to meet customer demands without investing heavily in new technology.

Businesses don’t need to solely rely on tech to improve last-mile deliveries. Partnering with 3PLs with the right infrastructure can optimize shipping. A 3rd-party provider with advanced warehouse and inventory management can speed up deliveries and reduce costs.

Optimize with New Technologies

Today’s ever-evolving technologies have created vast opportunities for businesses to optimize their last-mile deliveries even further. Automated systems that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) such as autonomous drones or robots are becoming increasingly popular in the eCommerce industry as they offer real-time tracking and efficient order fulfillment capabilities.

Organizations must be creative to meet customer demands for timely deliveries. Tech, warehouse locations, micro warehousing, and data-sharing agreements with partners can help. These solutions enable businesses to distribute inventory where demand is highest and plan fleets based on customer behavior. This can lead to lower-cost shipping and faster delivery.

Additionally, mobile applications enable customers to track their orders from anywhere at any time which is always a bonus when it comes to customer satisfaction.  

Integrating Old & New Technologies

The key to optimizing your last-mile deliveries is finding a balance between old and new technologies that best suit your business needs. Integrating traditional methods with the latest technologies will allow you to create a comprehensive system that enables you to handle large volumes of orders while ensuring timely deliveries and meeting customer expectations every time.

For example, leveraging automated systems such as AI-enabled drones can significantly reduce order fulfillment times while using mail carriers or parcel services can keep costs down while still providing quality service.  

Fortunately, New technologies can help improve last-mile delivery solutions, leading to better customer experiences and lower costs. Deep dive analysis has revealed how innovative technological solutions can help manage short-distance distribution challenges.

However, achieving this requires both old and new solutions. As the demand for last-mile deliveries continues to grow, companies must be willing to consider traditional solutions as well as cutting-edge technologies. 


Last-mile deliveries play an integral role in providing an overall positive customer experience and should never be overlooked when it comes to your business operations strategy.

By combining traditional methods with new technologies, businesses can ensure timely orders, low costs, and high customer satisfaction. Careful consideration of last-mile delivery solutions is essential to maximize efficiency and profitability. The right mix of old and new solutions will guarantee success.

Let us help you find the perfect combination of last-mile solutions to optimize your business and maximize your success. All you have to do is contact us today to get started.

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