Send Holiday Packages with Canada Post This Season

Send Holiday Packages With Canada Post This Season? Get Ready To Pay More


As the holiday season approaches and more packages are being shipped, Canada Post is charging more to send them. Rates are increasing by an average of six percent. This is especially tough on online retailers, as they get hit with this fee every time they send out a package.

Canada Post is attempting to recover the billions of dollars lost to pension obligations. Even though package delivery rates are going up, stamp rates are staying the same. It’s a great time to send letters and cards to friends, family and loved ones. Be sure to stay warm this winter, and start sending those Christmas cards today!

Why Canada Post Is Increasing Prices?

The reason behind Canada Post increasing their prices is because of the rising costs of their services. There are several factors that are driving up the price of services like the cost of materials, pension obligations, the cost of employing seasonal workers and the costs of doing business. The prices for stamps, parcels and tracking services are going up. The rise in the price of Canada Post services are inevitable, this is just one of the ways Canada Post is trying to alleviate some of the financial pressure.

Canada Post Blamed It On The Extra Demand This Holiday Season.

Canada Post claims that their employees are overworked and exhausted their overtime limit, meaning they were forced to delay packages which were on their way to you. But how long did they think they can keep up with the demand? They are clearly overworked and understaffed. Maybe they should hire more people or upgrade operations to fit their needs. Something needs to be done ASAP. This is really frustrating for everyone involved.

How Does Canada Post Get Away With Adjusting The Shipping Price Higher Without Giving Its Customers A Choice?

As horrible as it is, it’s not Canada Post’s fault entirely. Every year the prices for the shipping change and everyone is complaining about it. Canada Post does give the option of picking a slower option for a cheaper price, but it’s not a great solution for everyone. It would be better if there was a different option for the customers. With an option to choose your own price, you can choose something you feel is fair for you and everyone can get the parcel delivered.

Is There Anything That Canada Post Should Do To Improve Its Service And Adjust The Prices To Reflect The Market?

Canada Post is a service that is constantly adjusting its service and has different prices for different types of mail. In the past, there was a variety of ways to send mail and new ways are being introduced as time goes on. There are three major things that Canada Post should do in order to improve their service and adjust their prices more efficiently. The first thing they should do is make it easier to send packages. The second is to raise their prices so that they can make a profit on the shipping industry. The third is to expand the areas in which electronic shipping is accepted.


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