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5 Useful Solutions to Your Last-Mile Delivery Issues


Did you know that the average basket spend value for online purchases by Canadian shoppers increased by 14 percent in 2021 compared to 2019? Because more consumers are shopping online, companies are experiencing same-day delivery and last-mile delivery issues.

Your business needs to adapt to survive by taking on extra costs to meet consumer demand. If you follow the right tips, this investment will pay off in the long run.

Keep reading to learn five valuable solutions to your last-mile issue.

1. Improve Customer-Warehouse Proximity

While searching for warehouses, you need to consider how close they are to your customers, not only rental prices.

Customer-warehouse proximity can save you more money in the long run, which you can use to offer fast and free shipping. It also minimizes delivery times and fuel usage.

Spread your fulfillment centers to cover the most ground and be closer to more customers. At a minimum, you should have an East and West warehouse to get goods to customers faster regardless of the coast.

2. Optimize Delivery Routes

Route planning can help your business cut down on delivery times. Create a plan with optimization software so you don’t have to create routes manually.

Fleet management software allows you to update routes in real-time and decrease how many drivers are needed in a day.
Optimize your delivery routes by accounting for location, time, traffic, and vehicle capacity. When you implement technology into the process, real-time traffic updates are sent to drivers to avoid slowdowns.

3. Cut Labour Costs

With tools like auto-dispatch, you can cut labour costs.

Assign deliveries to drivers using automatic software. With technology, you can choose an available driver close to the delivery location.

Manually attempting this can lead to duplicate assignments or asking too much or too little of a driver.

4. Communicate with Customers

Professional delivery services keep customers updated with their delivery. Even when you offer different delivery options, it’s essential to keep customers in the loop about the delivery status of their orders. This benefits the customer and the driver. Customers will be available at the time of their delivery when they have an idea of when it is arriving.

For last-mile delivery, communicating with customers is especially important.

5. Provide Real-Time Delivery Tracking

You can communicate with customers by providing them with a tracking number. However, this isn’t always enough.

Customers expect more from technology and want to be able to track their packages in real-time because other companies allow them to. If your competition offers real-time tracking, you should too.

Modern same-day delivery technologies can connect with customers through text messages or email if they prefer it.

Last-Mile Delivery Solutions to Try

These days, customers want their packages as fast as possible. If you want to improve your customer service and increase sales, providing consumers with a last-mile delivery experience will help.

Shipping and delivery are much easier when you use FlashBox features. Our professional fleet and parcel tracking ensure every delivery is made on time, even if it is same-day delivery.

Don’t wait any longer to speak with a delivery expert. Please request a free quote from us today.

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