Last-Mile Delivery

How to Choose the Right Last-Mile Delivery Logistics Solution


Last-mile delivery can help you get your packages delivered on time, every time.

In running a small business, you know how important the shipping side of things is. If you don’t get your customers’ orders there on time, your business and its reputation suffer. 77% of consumers say reliable 2-day or less shipping is essential to them when choosing brands.

It would be best if you always were looking for delivery solutions and new delivery options. There are plenty of on-demand delivery services, but if you want to put your mind at ease, you have to get the best one.

Today, we’ll tell you how to choose the right last-mile delivery service for your needs. They aren’t all created equally, so keep reading, and you’ll be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Multiple Options for Delivery

Customers value convenience, so you need to be able to offer them whatever shipping service they require. A good last-mile delivery company will give you multiple options for delivery based on what each customer wants.

They should offer same-day delivery and cheaper options for next-day delivery. You’d always love to find a last-mile delivery service that does it all, but the reality is that you may need to use multiple carriers for different types of deliveries.

Good Reputation for Reliability

Before selecting a delivery company, you need to understand how reputable they are. Take a peek at some testimonials from previous partners to get a sense of everything from customer service to timeliness.

The most important thing you need to know is that they’re reliable. You can’t hire a company with reliability issues because a last-mile delivery service still represents your business. When they’re late or absent, so are you.

Real-Time Tracking

Anytime you’re delivering something in 2022, it’s essential to track it throughout the delivery process. Not only is this beneficial to ensure the last-mile delivery service you hired is doing their job, but your customers will want to know exactly where their delivery is so they can plan around it.

With GPS as a daily part of our lives, real-time tracking might seem like a simple part of running a courier business. In reality, only the best last-mile delivery services can ensure your customers know precisely when their package will arrive. 

Customer Service

Another important thing for you and your customers is a courier’s customer service. First of all, you want a company always willing to work with you to meet deadlines. If they’re constantly making a fuss or charging you extra to make a faster delivery, it will create headaches.

For your customers, you need your last-mile delivery courier to be friendly and respectful. There are too many horror stories of couriers handling packages roughly or leaving them in precarious places where they could be stolen. Customer service is among the more essential aspects of last-mile delivery.

Get the Best Last-Mile Delivery Service

These are the qualities of the best last-mile delivery services. If you are running a Greater Toronto Area (GTA) business, look no further than Flash Box.

We offer same-day delivery for all industries in GTA and Vancouver. With API integration and extensive local support, you’ll rest easy knowing your deliveries will always be on-time. 

Check out our website today to learn more about our services and pricing.

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