7 Statistics That Show the Advantages of Same-Day Delivery


Logistics companies, particularly order fulfillment businesses, have various responsibilities. These could be anything from storing and delivering packages, tracking orders, and coordinating with suppliers to ensure efficient processes. However, the order fulfillment process can still be complex despite its straightforward nature. For this reason, order fulfillment companies develop solutions to ensure they do not get too overwhelmed, such as same-day deliveries.

As the name suggests, same-day delivery is an option where customers can receive their orders on the same day they place them. This is usually done through a network of warehouses, distribution centers, and delivery drivers who work together to ensure packages are delivered as soon as possible. While this method is proven effective, many order fulfillment businesses still do not offer it, mainly because they think it is not cost-efficient or unsustainable. This is never the case because many statistical figures indicate that same-day delivery can yield more benefits than drawbacks. These include:

#1 – 44% Of Consumers Are Willing to Wait for Two Days via Fast Shipping (2019)

In 2019, a survey showed that the majority of consumers in the U.S. prefer fast shipping when ordering online. Almost half of the people surveyed said they would like their deliveries to arrive within two days, while only 25% said they would wait three to four days. This indicates that people prefer getting their orders quickly, and there is a significant decrease in those willing to wait longer.

As more and more customers expect their orders to arrive quickly, companies like Amazon aim to have products delivered within one or two days. This expectation will lead to shorter time frames for shipping and less time for customers to wait for their orders.

#2 – 57% Of Consumers Made Purchases via Online Channels in 2018

In 2018, the pre-Thanksgiving period was expected to be a busy time for online shoppers, with many retailers focusing on early promotions. Expectations are that early shoppers will spend more than those who hold off until the last minute. To prepare and capitalize on this increase in activity, businesses should ensure their facilities and personnel are ready for the increased demand.

The digital realm has become the favoured option for holiday shopping amongst Gen Xers and millennials, with most of each group preferring to shop online rather than in person. This preference for digital formats aligns with the larger shares of money spent online over the holiday season, highlighting the importance of e-commerce during this busy period.

#3 – Convenience (77%) And Free Shipping (72%) Are the Top Reasons Why Consumers Shop Online

Most surveyed said the convenience of having their purchases delivered to them and the time saved online shopping were critical when deciding what to buy. For this reason, order fulfillment companies are seeing a surge in demand as the holiday season approaches. Furthermore, free shipping was listed as a significant factor in the decision to shop online, with 72% of respondents indicating that they prioritize free shipping when shopping on the web.

#4 – 41% Of Consumers Are Willing to Pay Additional Charges for Same-Day Delivery

As demand for faster delivery grows, companies and their shipping partners are forced to rethink how they handle orders. This means examining the maximum number of packages they can send out and how they price their services. These changes are necessary to ensure that customers receive their packages as quickly as possible.

#5 – Outside of Amazon, 61% of U.S. and 68% of Canadian Consumers Cite Free Delivery as the Reason for Most of Their Purchases

This report shows that shoppers are more likely to complete an online purchase when they have a wide selection of delivery options available. Thus, offering a variety of delivery options, as well as speedy delivery, can be beneficial to online retailers to increase their customer base and sales.

The survey also found that many people in Canada and around the world appreciate delivery options as being the most critical aspect of Amazon Prime. This is in line with the previously mentioned statistic that demonstrated that many users deem delivery options to be the most valuable part of subscribing to the service.

#6 – Digital Retailers Meet the Delivery Expectations of Consumers 50% Of the Time

People expect their online orders to be quickly sent to them, and the high demand for these orders has created a lot of pressure on shipping and delivery companies. Despite this, these companies can meet customer expectations in a reasonable amount of time, even with shorter delivery timeframes.

#7 – The Difference between Same-Day and Next-Day Delivery

Consumers expect their orders to arrive quickly, preferably within the same day or the next day. Business owners can take advantage of this by allowing customers to pay extra for faster delivery. Additionally, customers appreciate having more options when picking a business or product to buy.


With all these numbers, it is safe to say that same-day delivery is a great advantage for business owners and customers. Customers enjoy the convenience of having their orders arrive on the same day, while business owners benefit from the additional revenue gained from offering a premium service. Because of this, order fulfillment companies should invest in same-day delivery services to stay competitive in the industry.

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