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Alternative Couriers for Faster Delivery and Better Customer Service


Are you tired of the delivery giants overcharging you for slow deliveries? If so, you’re not alone. The solution might be the alternative couriers you can find to shake up your routine. 

Major delivery couriers are going out of style as more innovative options come into play. Alternative couriers have more modernized ways of delivery that use technology to their advantage. By using new methods to both speed up deliveries and lower costs, new couriers are changing up the industry. 

There are plenty of reasons why businesses are choosing alternative couriers to handle their deliveries. While some of these might be for the benefit of the business, others help improve the customer experience. Let’s get into some of the reasons why an alternative carrier might be your best option, and how you can find the one that suits you best. 

Why Businesses Are Turning Away From Couriers Like Canada Post, Purolator, and FedEx

Large delivery corporations have been around for decades and started what we know as parcel delivery. But much has changed since deliveries began, and the giants are not keeping up with the times. Companies like Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, and Purolator still offer many of the same services they’ve offered for years on end. Without change, there’s no way for them to stay up to date with the change in shopping habits and options. As online shopping increases exponentially, deliveries need to evolve.


For starters, typical delivery providers overprice deliveries and shipments so they can make the most amount of profit. This means sellers are paying more out of their overhead to cover the delivery, or risking adding the fees to the customers total. This makes it much more likely that customers will abandon orders if the delivery fees are unexpectedly high. 


The second reason most sellers are tired of traditional delivery methods is the speed. 

Online shopping is becoming nearly instant. Nowadays, items bought are not expected to be in customers hands in days or weeks, but that same day. Faster and faster delivery is being expected by customers, and with the world of technology growing, there seems to be no reason why this can’t happen. 

Standard delivery times are typically between three to five days. Although faster deliveries are available, they often increase the price significantly. These prices are often not even an option to smaller businesses and are a big blocker for larger ones as well. Hence, faster deliveries at cost-effective prices are in demand.

Customer care 

Finally, supportive customer care is lacking from larger delivery providers. Large corporations don’t have the time to speak to and manage every business they work with. When working with a more technology-based provider, less time is focused on manual planning and more is put on customer support. 

Customers might wait hours, or even days, to hear back from customer support from established delivery couriers and don’t receive the level of service they need. Customer support usually has no answer to solve the problem and can only tell the customer what they already know. For example, the parcel is in the warehouse, but no more information is available. The reason why it hasn’t been delivered yet is unknown to almost everyone. 

These types of situations cause customers to lose trust in your services and might ruin their experience buying from you. That’s why working with a provider who cares about your customers is crucial. 

Customer care is essential to the success of your business and can’t be forgotten about. Offering customers the support they need helps build a loyal customer base and proves to your customer that you care about their experience. 

alternative couriers

Alternative Couriers for Faster Delivery 

Finding another delivery provider with more modern solutions is your key to success. With innovative providers who find new ways to deliver, you can find better prices, speeds, and customer support assistance. Plus, most even offer a much better price than the older providers, even while offering much faster delivery times.


FlashBox is the overall best same-day delivery provider you can find in Canada (and we’re not even being biased). With options to fit every business and the lowest prices available, you can’t go wrong with affordable same-day deliveries.

FlashBox is built on in-house created technology that allows orders to be easily placed and delivered faster than ever. Merchants order right from their websites before 11 a.m. and parcels are delivered that same evening. Commercial address next-day deliveries are also available. Plus, all deliveries are priced at flat-rate fees that include insurance and all parcel sizes, weights, and destinations. Deliveries cost as low as $6 per parcel. 

FlashBox also caters to both large and small businesses. Businesses with high volumes receive tailored discounted rates and have parcels picked-up daily. Smaller businesses can drop off parcels at FlashBox Hub locations across operating cities for just $8 per parcel with no added costs. There are also no subscriptions or added fees. 


  • Easy to upload orders through the dashboard or APIs
  • Flat-rate prices as low as $6 per parcel 
  • Up to $100 of parcel insurance included 
  • Live delivery agent tracking and real-time notifications 
  • Free proof of delivery and signatures 
  • Residential and commercial deliveries 
  • No minimum parcel requirements with use of FlashBox Hubs 
  • Deliveries include 2 free re-attempts 


  • Only available in some Canadian cities (but more to come!)


Gofr is a same-day courier service in the GTA that allows merchants to place orders from their phones. They allow sellers to quickly set up an account and get started with deliveries within minutes. Gofr makes it easy to place just one order when you need it or set up an account to ship consistently for your business. 

Gofr’s system lets merchants schedule deliveries 24/7 and receive instant quotes for parcel sizes through their website. The service is pay-as-you-use and requires no subscriptions to keep placing orders for delivery. 


  • Quick ordering system through web and mobile apps 
  • Live tracking options and SMS notifications for customers 
  • Instant sign up and fast quote receival 
  • Personal and business use 


  • Expensive, starting at $23 per delivery within 20km and additional prices for further deliveries 
  • Prices are based on time of day and increase during rush hour or based on road conditions 
  • Only operates within the Toronto area 

Away Express

Away Express is another same-day delivery service offering basic, rush, and urgent delivery services in the Toronto area. Their pricing is based on zones and starts at $9.90, but ranges all the way up to $28 in areas further from the downtown city. 

Away Express offers delivery within one hour, which is ideal for parcels that need to be delivered very quickly (possibly perishable foods, urgent paperwork). However, the Urgent delivery price is twice the basic rate, so it begins at $20 and increases from there. They do offer discounts for orders of 15 parcels or more, but the prices will still be more expensive than others with slightly longer delivery times. 


  • Fast delivery time frames available (as fast as one hour)
  • Personal and business use
  • Covers most cities in and around the GTA


  • Only operates within the Toronto area
  • Delivery is expensive, starting at $9.90 for a Basic delivery 
  • Rush and Urgent deliveries are 1.5 and 2 times more expensive than Basic respectively 
  • Redelivery fees are $25

Why Merchants Choose FlashBox

Plenty of merchants in all industries choose FlashBox over other corporations and alternative couriers. Our services include clear prices, fast deliveries, and increase customer satisfaction. We tailor delivery prices and programs to each individual merchant for an optimal experience, every time. 

Here are a few key points that distinguish us as the leading same-day delivery service in Canada. 

1. Bulk order uploads 

In addition to single orders, merchants can place bulk uploads to save time and quickly place orders every day. 

Merchants can easily order any number of parcels right from the dashboard. Single and bulk upload tools are available to limit the time it takes to place orders and offer unique options based on your volume. Bulk uploads will automatically pull information for each delivery and auto-match the addresses to confirm before deliveries are ordered. 

2. APIs and plug-and-play apps

Instead of manually placing orders, you can download plug-and-play apps or use APIs to order straight from your website. Orders are placed and labels are generated and printed from the site you’re most comfortable using. 

We are integrated with sites like Shopify and ShipStation so you can connect FlashBox right into your current accounts. You can place orders from your website or shipping site and manage them through the FlashBox dashboard. 

3. Consistent same-day delivery 

Every same-day delivery meets the same high standards. Our same-day delivery solution gets parcels to customers within about 10 hours and our 99% on-time delivery takes every parcel into account. Our customer support team is in contact with drivers and customers to make sure deliveries can be successful the first time around. 

4. Live tracking 

Customers receive a tracking link which gives them the ability to track delivery agents once en route to their destination. This live map view lets customers know exactly where drivers are and when they’ll arrive. This keeps customers informed and increase the success of deliveries at the first attempt, making you and your customers happier. Your buyers know to be available in case drivers need to be let into buildings or if a signature is required. 

5. Real-time notifications 

Thanks to our base in technology, we’re able to keep customers completely updated on the delivery process and updates. Hence, as parcels move through the system, we’re able to give a clearer idea of when they’ll arrive. Real-time notifications let customers know the delivery is moving as expected and lets them follow it live. 

Customers receive updates throughout the day as their order moves through the delivery process. As orders are confirmed, packages are sorted, and the delivery begins, customers are notified and kept updated. Therefore, these notifications let customers know the exact status of their order so they can be confident the estimated delivery time will be upheld.

6. Flat-rate prices 

FlashBox offers flat-rate prices on all parcels, no matter how big they are or where they’re going. Everything within our coverage area is delivered for one rate and includes two free re-attempts at delivery and parcel insurance. This means nearly every parcel is delivered successfully without you paying any more than the flat fee. 

When it comes down to making a decision, you need to find the provider that fits your unique needs. Everyone needs a tailored delivery service based on their volume and customer needs. Luckily, FlashBox is able to provide a unique experience to every merchant. As a FlashBox merchant, you can customize the live tracking page, request signatures when needed, and deliver as many or as few parcels a day for no extra cost. 

Using FlashBox for Faster Delivery

We know making a decision on a delivery provider isn’t easy, and that’s why we’re here to help. By reviewing the pros and cons of some of the major same-day delivery providers across Canada, you can make the best decision for your business. Every business is different and needs different delivery support, and alternative carriers can help you find the tailored method that’s right for you. 

FlashBox same-day delivery is affordable and fast; everything you need to make your customers happy. Same-day delivery has plenty of benefits to offer businesses all across Canada and we offer options for businesses of all types and sizes.

Want to find the FlashBox solution fit for you? Make an account or speak to a delivery expert at FlashBox today to receive a quote get started. 

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