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Businesses That Need a Same-Day Delivery Courier


Same-day delivery is a luxury that has become accessible to businesses of all sizes. What was once too far out of reach is readily available by innovative couriers, and customers are loving it. Is a same-day delivery courier something your business needs?

Same-day deliveries are the means of the future, but for specific industries, they can be the differentiating factor between the most and least successful. Some businesses can significantly benefit from same-day deliveries and their customers will appreciate the modern improvement. Whether it’s to stand out from competitors, to keep products in good condition during delivery, or one of the many other benefits of same-day delivery, specific industries are wondering why same-day delivery has not always been around. 

Let’s dive into why same-day delivery will be a game changer to your company, who it’s of most benefit to, and what you can do to get started with the most affordable delivery today. 

Why Offer Same-Day Delivery

Same-day delivery can save time and money, not to mention help you increase customer retention and return rates. It’s an overall amazing addition to any business, and when it saves you money at the same time, it’s pretty much a no brainer. But customers appreciate same-day deliveries too, and offering it can incentivize more buyers to come to you.

Same-day delivery is widely accepted as the new normal, and is actually what most customers expect when ordering items for delivery. While 75% of customers want free same-day delivery, 41% are willing to pay for the service. The demand for faster shopping options is constantly growing. 

For your own benefit

Merchants can save plenty of money and time and offering same-day delivery. Faster deliveries mean you can complete more orders in less time. Studies have also found that same-day delivery increases customer retention and overall order satisfaction. This helps you grow sales and profits in the future as customers continue to buy from you for an all around great experience.

Same-day delivery means less waiting, more clarity into delivery time frames, and prices that beat out any competition on the market. You can save more, sell more, and do it all faster. 

For your customers benefit

For customers, there are plenty of reasons why FlashBox same-day delivery is the most attractive option.

Reliable same-day delivery is also one way to build trust with your customers. Customers are growing tired of late and slow deliveries, which is causing many of them to find different sellers to buy from. In fact, most customers will not return to a seller who they had a poor delivery experience with in the past. Long or delayed deliveries fall into this category, breaking the mutual trust between the seller and customer. 

On another note, same-day delivery increases customer retention and return rate by offering what they’re looking for. Most customers will shop around until they find the best all around experience, and unsurprisingly, both price and delivery affect this. If one place offers a low price, but the delivery is a week long, this can deter customers from choosing to buy from them among other options. Fast delivery is one factor customers are not willing to compromise on, especially as its becoming more available by disruptive companies entering the market. 

In all, same-day delivery is your way to stand out. Offering it differentiates you from competitors and gives customers a reason to choose you over the rest. This can be one key way to increase sales and show customers the unique value you offer. 

Businesses That Need Same-Day Delivery 

Some businesses can significantly benefit from same-day delivery. For those who sell mostly or exclusively online, fast delivery can be extremely effective. Other sellers, who direct products to industries who need fast delivery, will also benefit from fast delivery. Finding the right same-day delivery courier can give you (and your customers) the delivery you’re looking for.

Here are 8 business types and industries that greatly benefit from faster delivery couriers. Finding same-day delivery at a low price might seem hard – but FlashBox has everything you need to make it happen. 

1. eCommerce 

eCommerce businesses definitely need to offer same-day delivery. Customers who shop online usually do so because they are looking for items fast, even when they don’t have time to go to a store. Plus, online buyers want an experience similar to in-store shopping, meaning they want items as soon as possible. 

Hence, eCommerce stores need to offer fast-delivery as a way to stand out from all the other online stores. Slow or expensive delivery is one of the most common causes of abandoned carts. Long delivery time frames turn away customers, and it’s easy for them to go find a similar product that they can have faster. 

FlashBox delivery is ideal for eCommerce stores. It’s fast, affordable, and reliable; everything buyers are looking for. 

2. Healthcare 

Healthcare workers and surgical companies need fast order completion for supplies and products. Sellers who target the healthcare and surgery industries need same-day delivery to keep up with customer needs.

In the case of an emergency, healthcare providers need their supplies fast in order to get their jobs done. These types of industries can’t wait more than a day for critical supplies that will make or break their work. Hence, as a supplier to businesses in healthcare, fast delivery is a must to secure business and build trust with customers. 

3. Vitamins & Prescriptions 

Most customers need prescriptions fast, and same-day delivery can get it done. Prescription services work well with same-day deliveries because customers who order last-minute and require medications can still receive them in time. 

Similarly, vitamins are often taken daily and some buyers forget to purchase more before they run out. These types of items are a hot seller for same-day delivery because customers want to avoid being a day late. When they don’t have time to make it to a store, fast online delivery is a lifesaver. 

4. Law Offices 

Law offices might seem like an outsider. After all, they’re not looking for typical eCommerce or retail goods to be delivered. But, law offices deal with plenty of paperwork, and often need to share it with other professionals for review or collaboration. They need these deliveries done fast in order to avoid delays. 

Same-day delivery can help law offices make their deliveries last minute. If you’re delivering office supplies, law offices will often make use of your swift services to take care of their businesses. Lawyers and other professionals in the industry often don’t have time to wait, so fast services can help you take in loyal costumes. Or, if you are a law office manager, you might have your own delivery needs to share documents with other offices. Even if you have just one parcel every once in a while, FlashBox Hubs can help you take care of the delivery as fast as possible.

5. Retail 

Retail customers who also offer online shopping need to offer digital buyers the same level of experience as in-person shoppers. A same-day delivery courier as your partner can change the entire online shopping game and build customer loyalty.

Same-day delivery in retail can open up stores to an entirely new audience. Customers who prefer in-store shopping because they want their items right away will consider online shopping when they don’t have time to shop in person. It’s important that retail stores offer fast delivery online, otherwise customers will lose loyalty and are more likely to find another seller who offers a similar product. 

6. 3PLs

3PLs handle the heavy duty work of the first and mid miles of delivery. But the last mile can often take the longest time to complete, and will also be the most expensive. Same-day delivery can bring the delivery process to a close much faster and help avoid last-minute delays. 

3PLs can benefit from FlashBox same-day delivery to speed up the last-mile of delivery and cut costs. While 3PLs manage various parts of the shipping process, delivering orders to customers can often be the hardest part. Working closely with a same-day delivery provider can bring deliveries to a close faster and help save money. 

7. Meal Kits & Food 

Meal kits are one specific industry where time cannot be wasted. Fresh food and groceries need to be delivered within specific time frames and can’t afford to be left outside for long periods of time. Same-day delivery solves all of these problems. 

Food falls into a similar category. If you’re delivery goods that can only be boxed for about an hour or so, you’ll need to rely on expensive point-to-point delivery. If you’re delivering food that can manage for more this, same-day delivery is your ideal solution. It doesn’t take days for it to reach the customer and it’s still in great condition by the time it arrives that same evening. Same-day delivery is making meal kits and food delivery much more accessible and helps plenty of companies thrive. 

8. Manufacturing 

Manufacturers as customers can’t wait longer than a day to receive products. Hence, sellers of these products need to have the fastest delivery in place in order to give customers what they need. A same-day delivery courier can help your customers get what they need on time.

Manufacturing companies often run into unexpected situations that need quick fixes to overcome. When they need quick delivery of tools or supplies, day long deliveries won’t do the trick. Same day delivery from manufacturer suppliers can increase sales and increase customer loyalty significantly. 

How to Implement Same-Day Delivery 

Implementing same-day delivery with FlashBox is simple – no matter what industry you’re in. Before getting started, make sure the products you sell are suitable for same-day delivery and can withstand delivery that is not point-to-point (meaning it needs to be able to go to our storing centre for distribution). 

Products that cannot be sent out for same-day delivery are fragile items that can’t withstand the delivery process. Most merchants selling these items will need to find tailored couriers to handle them. For example, meal kits have had great success with same-day delivery when they have the right packaging and can be boxed for hours. However, if your product is too fresh and cannot be in variable temperatures, delivery over many hours might not be an option. 

Now you’ve decided if your product is right for same-day delivery. The next step is to head over to our website and set up an account. Depending on your average monthly volume, you can have your account set up within an hour and start delivering on that same day. 

The next step will be to set up FlashBox same-day delivery on your website. Depending on how your website is hosted, you can directly link your two accounts through our already built APIs and plug-and-play apps. If not, you can list the delivery option manually and will be able to place orders through our dashboard. 

All of this setup will be done with the help of our customer success team, who makes sure you can easily get set up and place your deliveries without troubles.  


If you haven’t noticed yet, same-day delivery is a game changing solution that customers are actively seeking out. Sellers offer fast delivery that is still affordable are few and far between, but customers are willing to spend extra time looking for them. 

When it comes to delivery, same-day solutions are the new normal. Modernized delivery standards are taking over older methods that customers have grown tired of. 

Ready to start making deliveries better than ever? Or curious to see if your industry is a fit for same-day delivery? Speak to an expert today to find out what your next step is and get set up in just one day. 

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