Benefits and Advantages of Proof of Delivery

Benefits and Advantages of Proof of Delivery

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If you want packages delivered to your customers with no hassle, proof of delivery (POD) is crucial. Most parcel delivery companies across the GTA are juggling hundreds of deliveries per day with several different drivers. Keeping track of individual packages is nearly impossible when you operate in this fashion.

But what happens when a package is lost or misplaced? It’s nearly impossible to settle these disputes with customers without proof of delivery. In an effort to help, we’ve written this article.At FlashBox, we guarantee the highest level of service for our customers. That means looking out for your best interest with proof of delivery. Here, we’re going to tell you some of the many benefits and advantages of using proof of delivery.

Prevents Delivery Disputes With Customers

Without proof of delivery, how can you settle disputes with your customers and your last-mile delivery service? The delivery company will claim that they delivered the package and the customer will say that they didn’t receive it. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong at this point because the end result is that you’re going to have to foot the bill and replace the missing package.

When signatures and POD are involved, both you and the customer can be sure that the parcel was delivered to the right person and in good condition. It puts everyone’s mind at ease and if there are any problems, they’re easily traceable.

Safe Delivery of Important Items

With extra important items, like passports, marriage certificates, or crucial work documents, tracking and POD become especially important. With these types of things, you’ll want it to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible, but you’ll also want to track its journey to ensure that no extra risks are being taken.

FlashBox, in addition to POD, we do 4-hour same-day delivery within the GTA, which includes real-time tracking of your parcels. You’ll never have to worry about your important parcels taking a detour because the less time they’re in transit, the safer they are.

Invoice Quicker

With same-day deliveries and POD on arrival, as a business owner, you can invoice your orders much faster. Last-mile delivery is the final step in the supply chain, so the more efficient it is, the faster you can complete orders and ensure a stronger cash flow into your business.

Increase Trust and Customer Retention

The issue of package theft is a big one in our eCommerce-oriented society. Just having a package delivered doesn’t necessarily complete the chain of custody. Someone could run up and swipe the parcel if the recipient wasn’t aware of the delivery.

When customers know that you’re taking accountability with a signature and proof of delivery, you’re going to increase trust and customer retention. This all contributes to a stronger sense of loyalty from current customers to your business, allowing you to build a strong word of mouth reputation and ultimately, grow your business faster and better.

Playing It Safer With Proof of Delivery

These are just a few of the many benefits and advantages of getting proof of delivery for your parcels. Not every local courier is built the same as FlashBox, we take accountability to ensure your deliveries arrive safely. Visit our site to learn more about FlashBox and book a demo to find out


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