Last-Mile Delivery Post-Pandemic

Benefits of Outsourcing Last-Mile Delivery Post-Pandemic


While consumers were already using e-commerce sites for many products and services, the consequent pandemic lockdowns vastly accelerated the adoption of a robust online reality. To survive, large and small companies alike have had to re-invent themselves by converting much of their business to an online e-commerce marketplace. Outsourcing last-mile delivery post-pandemic has become more essential then ever.

Savvy businesses know that online user behaviour is not likely to change significantly in a post-pandemic era. Consumers have grown used to shopping online and enjoy the convenience and speed with which companies complete their transactions. For this reason, many businesses are looking for ways to offer even speedier and more efficient last-mile delivery services. As a result, it will satisfy heightened customer expectations and demand.

What Is Last-Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the last step in a product’s journey from your retail space or fulfillment warehouse, to the delivery truck, to the customer’s door. In addition, last-mile delivery can be the most time-consuming and expensive part of this journey. Last-mile delivery costs account for 53% of total shipping costs.

The goal of last-mile delivery logistics is to deliver packages affordably, quickly and accurately. For retailers to stay afloat and ideally thrive, they need to have the capacity to optimize their last-mile delivery services. These services need to offer transparent, timely and safe delivery. This will result in customers knowing how, when and where their purchases are being delivered.

What Are Some Last-Mile Delivery Challenges?

For many retailers, this new online landscape — that likely won’t revert post-pandemic — has brought about its own challenges, including:

  • Affordable last-mile delivery capabilities
  • Robust inventory management
  • Reliable customer safety

Despite supply chain disruptions and unpredictable customer demand for some products, customers have come to expect their e-commerce deliveries to be faster and safer than ever before. Unfortunately, this means that providing in-house last-mile delivery services that are quick and cost-efficient may prove impossible for your retail business.

Meeting Express Delivery Expectations

The accelerated use of e-commerce has led to a significant increase in online retail competition. To meet elevated customer expectations, express delivery options, such as same-day and next-day delivery, need to be offered and completed efficiently and smoothly. Customer satisfaction with a commercial transaction often relies heavily on the delivery logistics, including timing and communication.

For example, when the delivery notice “out for delivery” doesn’t change as quickly as it should, it can directly impact customer satisfaction. This type of delay is often due to last-mile delivery inefficiencies, including multiple stops with low parcel drop sizes.

Meeting Last-Mile Delivery Demand

With the steady demand on e-commerce sites in play for the past decade, retailers were already experiencing shortages in drivers and inefficiencies in truck capacities. With the onset of the pandemic, the demand for e-commerce services dramatically increased overnight and created an even more significant strain on an already stretched supply chain.

Even before the pandemic, consumers were looking for more convenience through their online shopping experiences. With the onset of the pandemic and resulting supply chain delays, people became more tolerant of retailers’ reduced capacity and longer delivery times. However, this patience is already running thin as people expect delivery companies to adapt to the changes quickly.

Practicing Health and Safety

Since COVID-19 is mainly spread during close contact, and the jury is out regarding surface spread, new and reliable health and safety practices are needed. Even post-pandemic, customers will continue to expect these precautions to ensure their ongoing safety. However, these new practices can be time-consuming and costly to integrate into your business’s delivery operations.

Benefits of Outsourcing Last-Mile Delivery Services

Cost-effective, efficient, and safe last-mile deliveries are crucial to your bottom-line, reputation and customers’ satisfaction. However, in many cases, this demanding logistical service is outside your area of expertise, budget, or both.

Outsourcing your last-mile delivery services will help your retail operation manage these new challenges and strengthen your reputation for exceptional customer service. Third parties specializing in a flexible one-stop solution for last-mile deliveries use cutting-edge automated software such as location technologies. They ensure your deliveries run smoothly, safely and affordably.

Reduce Your Risk

Reducing business risk is a priority now more than ever due to the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic. Your retail operation can mitigate theft and safety risks by outsourcing last-mile deliveries to third parties. Specializing in expertly managing last-mile deliveries from your store, warehouse or business hub, last-mile delivery service providers are also experts at safely managing vehicles and people to reduce your exposure to uncertainty-related risk.

For example, drivers are trained to take extra precautions for health and safety. For instance, many wear gloves, sanitize packages, take photos and send texts or other notifications once a package has been delivered.

Some last-mile delivery companies allow customers to choose their delivery window for increased convenience and reduce porch theft. The complexity of this service level makes automated software critical for route optimization.

Take Advantage of Location Technologies

Some last-mile delivery services use cutting-edge location technologies within metro hubs. At these hubs, contracted fleets of drivers are on-call to deliver packages. This network of on-demand drivers — similar to Uber’s — means greater efficiencies. Local drivers can deliver your goods quickly and reliably to customers’ doors.

Seamless API Integration

The best last-mile delivery services partner with top e-commerce technology solutions and agencies to seamlessly integrate with their delivery solution. This synthesis allows you to integrate your e-commerce site with their services to offer customers delivery flexibility and retain complete control of user experience data. These easy-to-use services help your business grow and prosper.

Offer Delivery Transparency and Tracking

Last-mile delivery providers have created transparent processes, so your customers know the status of their deliveries. In addition, they offer clear and regular communication to increase customer satisfaction. Apps that provide live tracking and notifications are essential for all your last-mile deliveries.

If your business wants to compete successfully in the market, outsourcing your last-mile delivery services must be a priority. FlashBox offers a true one-stop solution for all your last-mile delivery needs. Their delivery-as-a-service caters to businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

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