Using What3Words Location Technology For Last-Mile Deliveries


These heightened expectations can lead to increased demands on your customer service requirements, supply chain management and overall business costs. Fortunately, you can resolve these challenges by outsourcing your last-mile deliveries. FlashBox, a last-mile-delivery company in Canada, uses the cutting-edge location technology of What3Words to ensure your customers’ packages are delivered quickly, safely, and accurately.

Let’s find out how.

Benefits of FlashBox’s Location Services

A mobile-based last-mile delivery solution such as FlashBox offers advanced functionalities and seamless API integration for your e-commerce business. These capabilities allow you to ship directly to your customers with real-time visibility and will enable you to retain your customers’ user data for robust future marketing opportunities.

Their state-of-the-art location technologies offer numerous benefits that add up to cost savings and improved customer service for your business, including:

  • Increased efficiencies
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Safety

Increased Efficiencies and Decreased Delivery Times

Due to the unique 3-word addresses that what3words has assigned to every 3m square in the world, last-mile delivery providers such as Flashbox are more efficient. This technology provides their drivers with access to delivery addresses quickly and accurately, decreasing delivery times for complete customer satisfaction.

Package delivery routes consist of two primary elements:

  1. The driving portion from the pick-up to parking
  2. The walking portion from parking to direct customer delivery

This latter distance can play a considerable role in the efficiency and speed of the entire delivery experience. As a whole, these two elements can be made more efficient by using clear and accurate predefined addresses and parking positions to guide drivers as close as possible to the final delivery destination.

The what3words software provides FlashBox’s drivers with this information, ensuring their drivers’ park strategically and reducing their walking distances and overall delivery times. Additionally, with highly accurate location data, more first-time deliveries are successful.

Recent test results show that by using what3words technology, drivers can gain approximately 15% efficiency by ending their delivery routes more than 30 minutes earlier than drivers using a traditional navigation system.

Using What3Words Location Technology For Last-Mile Deliveries

Accurate Delivery Times

By leveraging what3words technology, FlashBox’s last-mile delivery services can more easily predict delivery times and provide customers with accurate ETAs. This detailed and precise service increases customer satisfaction, reduces package theft and ultimately boosts your business reputation.

By building customer loyalty and nurturing positive word-of-mouth, your business can better compete in the crowded e-commerce world. As a result, you can gain invaluable marketing tools that will help grow your business.

Reduced Delivery Failures

With confirmed, highly accurate location information, FlashBox has an unbeatable record for successful first-time deliveries. In addition, the location accuracy gained through what3words software means fewer delivery re-attempts. Resulting in saved time and costs associated with extra mileage and dissatisfied customers.

Last-mile delivery is an increasingly crucial part of providing the customer services your clients expect.

Contact us today and save money while boosting your reputation through improved customer service and logical savings.

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