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What You Must Know About On-Demand Delivery


Everybody expects their online purchases to be delivered as fast as possible and as cheap as possible- free for the most part. In fact, most online shoppers are not willing to wait more than two days for their products to arrive. Businesses are adopting an entirely new paradigm to keep up with these increasingly arduous delivery expectations, on-demand logistics.

What are On-Demand Logistics?

On-demand logistics are business expertise that center around delivering products to a customer right when they need them. The need to quickly or instantly distribute products is leading to a rise in new logistic operations.

These operations support multichannel supply chain functionalities that increase delivery speeds. Multichannel supply chains create a streamlined and automated fulfillment process to deliver products at a tremendous rate with the utmost accuracy.

Another cornerstone of on-demand logistics is the need to be flexible when tackling product fulfillment. On-demand logistics operations need to embrace the latest technologies, methodologies and automation tools at their disposal to remain competitive.

A flexible fulfillment plan typically encompasses the actions of physical brick and mortar retail stores. Specifically, it translates brick and mortar functionalities into being able to fulfill quick product delivery. For online-only retailers, a distributed fulfillment system may be a better option.

A distributed fulfillment system is best for online retailers that lack the storage space or packing expertise of a brick and mortar store. A distributed fulfillment system enables an online store to take advantage of large storage areas, efficient packing and accurate shipping and the faster order processing and delivery speeds of a third-party fulfillment specialist.

Why are On-Demand Logistics Important?

Brick and mortar, eCommerce and other retail institutions are now expected to provide fast and free shipping for all their orders. There is a massive demand for convenient, cheap and fast shipping. A retailer unable to meet these expectations cannot fully compete in the market.

The currently expected shipping expectation is around two days. Amazon, Walmart and other major online retailers have set and adhere to this standard. Smaller retailers may have difficulty fulfilling orders in this short time frame, but remaining competitive requires their best to do so.

Of course, all of this comes at a cost. Fast shipping is much more expensive than the longer alternatives. Some customers are willing to pay for shorter shipping. For most customers, though, there is an expectation that the retailer will offer fast, cheap shipping.

Retailers are turning to third-party courier service or delivery fulfillment specialists to meet these demands.

A courier service, like FlashBox, provides cheap, fast and convenient package fulfillment to retailers that may be struggling to meet on-demand delivery expectations. Many companies are finding it easier and cheaper to outsource their delivery needs rather than create in-house solutions.

In conclusion, businesses must start to think about meeting these new on-demand shipping expectations. For organizations struggling to fulfill these demands, a courier service could be the perfect solution. Get Started for free today.

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