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Increase Customer Satisfaction by Offering a Great Shipping Experience


How can you make sure shipping isn’t where your customers get hung up and decide not to buy? Express delivery, same-day delivery, and on-demand delivery are a few solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. The shipping experience has to be a great one if you want to see happy customers.

An exceptional shipping experience creates a resonating effect on a customer’s experience. Create this effect by exploring multi-modal shipping solutions.

Keep reading to find out how you can increase your customers’ satisfaction by offering a great shipping experience.

What Customers’ Expect of Their Shipping Experience

Consumers today expect fast or even same-day shipping. 51% of retailers offer same-day delivery and that number is quickly on the rise. As a result, businesses that don’t have quick shipping options are falling behind.

Most shoppers are not making a purchase the first time they visit a website. Often, the people putting items in their carts won’t buy anything at all. 68% of the time, online shoppers will abandon their carts.

Specifically, customers expect these things from their shipping service to increase their customer satisfaction.

  • Options for delivery, including faster shipping
  • Free or almost free shipping
  • Tracking to watch their purchases’ delivery

When a website fails to offer these services for shipping they are more likely to lose business. Customers realize that they can find similar products elsewhere with better shipping options.

Same-Day Delivery, Express Delivery, and On-Demand Delivery

Express delivery, same-day delivery, and on-demand delivery are all options for faster multi-modal shipping.

Same-day delivery is defined in its name. When you place an order before 2 pm you can bet that your package will be delivered before 8 pm that day.

Express delivery is even faster than same-day delivery. When you choose express delivery you can expect your parcel will arrive within two hours. This is a low-cost replacement for traditional courier services.

On-demand delivery, also known as scheduled delivery, is a way for you to make sure a package is delivered the day you need it to be. With this option, you can offer convenient times for delivery to your customers and higher Customer Satisfaction.

When delivery services offer these options for shipping, their customer relationships improve.

The Benefits of Better Shipping

Businesses often overlook the shipping experience. In particular, it is an important part of customer service and retention.

When you have cheap and fast shipping customers are likely to remember that and come back when they want something else. Businesses can build relationships with customers just by being pleasant to work with.

Better shipping is sure to benefit you by creating loyal customers. As the number of loyal customers you have grows, so will your business.

Ship Your Stuff Now

In conclusion, if you are looking to add same-day delivery, express delivery, and on-demand delivery to your business, consider Flashbox for your needs.

Start shipping with us today to experience improved multimodal transport and increase customer satisfaction.

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