Customer Spotlight Roll Up

Customer Spotlight: Roll Up


Welcome to FlashBox’s first Customer Spotlight. We want to take the time to create a space that highlights the fantastic things our customers are doing. Additionally, you can find out why businesses choose FlashBox as their same-day delivery partner.  

Hello Roll Up

Roll Up is changing the world, one roll at a time. Vik and JJ began the business with one mission in mind: provide homes with eco-friendly alternatives for everyday life essentials. In short, they want to be the ones to champion small-scale change and encourage customers to do good. 

What is Roll Up?

Roll Up is a bamboo toilet paper company making a positive change in the environment. In addition, Vik and JJ recognized the negative impact regular toilet paper had on the environment and decided to address the problem themselves. 

Why is bamboo toilet paper better for the environment?

Roll Up has done its research into the best alternative to traditional toilet paper. Vik and JJ selected bamboo because of its fast growth rate, ability to release oxygen into the atmosphere, as well as, its natural ability to make a solid paper-like material:

  1. Bamboo grows up to 20 times faster than trees and does not need replanting.
  2. Bamboo is a plant that can remove excess carbon dioxide from the air.
  3. It’s naturally antimicrobial, meaning it makes an excellent material for toilet paper. 
Why does Roll Up deliver with FlashBox?

Before FlashBox, Roll Up described their delivery experience as “expensive express couriers.” Roll Up wanted to find a new delivery method to suit their business needs better. Once finding FlashBox, they were able to focus on their business rather than delivery. 

Furthermore, here’s what they have to say about working with FlashBox:

For a fast pace growing business like ours, FlashBox is the best service available out there. Daily pickups and deliveries are managed efficiently and trackable at all times. Their team is very professional, our products are handled with care, needless to say, the service is top-notch. Thank you for being such a fantastic partner to Roll Up!

What’s next for Roll Up?


Where can you get in touch with Roll Up?

To purchase your own Bamboo Toilet Paper, visit

Do you have your own delivery needs?

Are you looking to solve your expensive delivery problem? Furthermore, are you tired of unreliable couriers? Indeed, FlashBox offers same-day delivery for only $6 per parcel (minimum of 3 parcels) with proof of delivery and live tracking. Click here to get started.

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