Marketing Strategy Why You Should Include Same-Day Delivery

Marketing Strategy: Why You Should Include Same-Day Delivery


It is imperative businesses go the extra mile to meet customers’ demands through marketing strategies. Due to the global marketing industry becoming more competitive, companies must keep up to beat their competitors. The most common reasons for cart abandonment are the lack of fast delivery options or failing to keep its delivery promise.

Delivery of items on the same day is a common practice today and a must-have for local businesses in Toronto. It refers to the last-mile delivery of packages on the same day that customers order, usually in a matter of hours or a specific time window.

Your Customers Are Not Keen on Waiting

Shoppers are no longer likely to wait for more than a day to receive their packages. Reports show that around 70% of consumers prefer online shopping because of the time savings and convenience. Since most shopping now happens with a touch and swipe, several industries and small businesses in Toronto now have same-day delivery in their marketing strategy, including:

  • Fashion retailers
  • Medical supplies
  • Grocery
  • E-commerce
  • Automotive part suppliers
  • Food and beverages companies

Here are some compelling reasons to incorporate a same-day delivery option if you sell in Toronto:

Growth in Website Conversions

By offering same-day delivery as your standard shipping option, you assure instant gratification to digital shoppers. You can blend in-person and online customer experiences to ensure cost-effective delivery with lightning speeds. Do a quick survey to determine if your customers expect free shipping or are okay paying an additional fee for this benefit. You should highlight this information in these places on your website:

  1. The header of every webpage should have a link to all the delivery options, with transparent pricing.
  2. Display the same on the checkout page and the “add to cart” button.
  3. Add product information, like stock availability, despatch date or time, etc.

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Digital-savvy consumers use multiple connected devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc., which your marketing campaign can target. Buyers can also interact with local businesses in Toronto in-store, mobile app, or email. You can tie all your marketing activities into a central hub and offer a customer-centric approach.

Apply data analytics to improve sales, collect delivery information, provide customer support, and track the delivery fleet with live monitoring options. This way, you can synchronize logistics, product distribution and give the customers a seamless experience.

Trigger Repeat Purchases

Small businesses in Toronto need to gain repeat customers. With same-day delivery, you can provide your customers with what they want, when they want; this is sure to impress them on their first order. 

Once you cross that hurdle, you need to build trust by providing calls to action in your packages. You can include your products catalogue, coupons, leaflets listing the bestsellers, etc. Even if none of these are currently available, you can add a promotional message, stickers, samples, or small gifts like bookmarks.

Last-Mile Delivery

41% of shoppers are willing to pay for same-day delivery, while 24% of users said they would pay more to get things delivered within two hours. Industry giants like Amazon have their fulfillment services, which most local businesses in Toronto do not.

Large companies also have multiple warehouses, outsourced operators, and complex supply chain processes. Yet, they team up with last-mile delivery providers to improve customer service performance. So, incorporating last-mile partners in Toronto in your marketing strategy can help with same-day delivery and directly impacts sales. Contact us today.


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