Same-Day Delivery for SMEs

Same-Day Delivery for SMEs


Key Benefits of Same-Day Delivery for SMEs

Way back in 1989, legendary rock band, Queen, foretold the future of digital shopping when they sang, “I want it all, and I want it now.”

So, maybe they weren’t talking about e-commerce for SMEs, but we like to think that they had an inkling of what was coming. Today’s retail statistics tell us that a whopping 88% of customers will pay more for the same-day delivery of their order. That’s a lot of people!

Here’s what we know about how implementing this one small change can make a major difference to your business.

5 Advantages of Same-Day Delivery Services for SMEs

More online businesses than ever are realizing the benefits of offering on-time delivery. Smart SMEs, however, understand the value of same-day delivery and incorporate it seamlessly into their offering.

1. Competitive Advantage

We’re pretty sure that the products you sell online are available elsewhere and at a similar price. That’s business today, right? So, how are you going to stand out from your competitors? Same-day delivery is one easy way to do just that. Offering the gift of instant gratification to your valuable customers makes them happy and makes you more money.

2. Efficient Service For SMEs

How your customers perceive your business is a crucial factor affecting your bottom line. In fact, the value of customer service has proven time and again to be a major differentiator for businesses. Did you know that 50% of customers will increase their purchasing with a company after a positive experience? Fast delivery benefits you by providing excellent service – it’s that simple.

3. Reduced Fleet Costs

Any business owner who has had to manage a delivery fleet knows the challenges. It’s costly, time-consuming, and a major headache. Using a trusted third party for same-day deliveries magically removes this burden and saves you a whole lot of time and effort. SMEs that don’t operate a fleet and use their own vehicles for delivery benefit too, enjoying more time on gaining customers and less time on the road.

4. Same-Day Delivery Tracking Tech

Same-day delivery technology for live tracking and reporting is out there, but it’s not always affordable for SMEs. It is, however, essential. This is one area where employing the services of a reliable last-mile delivery service really pays dividends. They have all the tech at their fingertips and you don’t have to outlay a cent to enjoy the advantages.

5. Easy Integration

A successful business will automate processes and systems wherever it can. This makes the easy integration of our delivery and tracking software into most e-commerce platforms a major plus for the businesses that we work with. We provide a plug-and-play solution that benefits you and your customers.

Smart SME Solutions

We know that today’s online shoppers are an impatient bunch. We all want to find the best and the cheapest offer as fast as we can, with no friction or hoops to jump through. And then we want it delivered to our door in record time. Any business that plans on staying afloat through these turbulent economic times will appreciate that there is an undeniable need to stay ahead of the curve. Carving out a competitive advantage, offering amazing service, and giving customers exactly what they want is no longer a nice-to-have, but is essential for success.

See how our simple, seamless platform saves you the hassle of same-day delivery while making your business look good. Get started today.

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