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Changing The Future of Retail: Shipping From Your Store


COVID-19 has changed the game and the landscape so much that plenty of traditional businesses and retailers are struggling, and still attempting to recover. Here at FlashBox, we’re innovating and coming up with new ways to deliver the same great service: so you can always count on us to get the product to you, no matter what. Shipping from your store is one area you might be looking for help with. 

While people have stopped coming into the store as much – massive drops like this in major retailers are definitely scary for investors and business owners – some companies and organizations have gotten around these issues with online deliveries. Let’s dive into why local shop delivery via FlashBox is the future of retail.

Make A Store Into A Mini-Delivery Center with FlashBox

Companies like Amazon and Walmart are competing, clashing giants in terms of their stock and everything they order – but sometimes, their delivery services aren’t the best. You don’t need to pick huge retailers to get guaranteed delivery of the services that you want. Express delivery of local goods, or same-day delivery from the shops you want.

The stores of the near future will serve more than one purpose: not only will customers be able to explore and experience these brands, and see everything that these companies have to offer – they’ll also serve as mini-storehouses, all across huge urban centers and cities like Toronto, in order to get rush deliveries to nearby locals as fast and easily as possible. Imagine being able to order an under 30 minute delivery from any store near you. Doesn’t that sound amazing and awesome? This has other kinds of effects on prime delivery or rush delivery. Reducing long-distance traffic and assisting with other retailers and smaller businesses competing with services like Amazon or FlashBox.

Benefits of Shipping From Your Store: What FlashBox Offers

The services that FlashBox offers, for local business deliveries and local shop deliveries, really cannot be understated. There are benefits all along the process, from the moment that the product arrives at the customer — all the way back to the retailer ordering the product from a manufacturer or a wholesaler. We’re talking about things like relieving pressure and traffic from main distribution centers. This helps bigger enterprises and corporations – all the way down to providing smaller businesses and stores a way to get their products to customers.

Customers, of course, win out in all kinds of ways. Quicker deliveries, for example, are an obvious benefit. In a city like Toronto, having a store a few streets down from an apartment complex is common. Now these stores, however, and others like them, will be able to offer same-day delivery or rush delivery. Sustainable transport, such as bikes, for last-mile delivery through FlashBox is also another important aspect. 

FlashBox will become the future of retail shipping, local business delivery, and the premier last-mile delivery system. An evolution of the retail industry – and shipping and delivery industry – is coming. FlashBox will be front and center of all of it. There’s not a better sustainable, reliable, last-mile delivery service you’ll find anywhere. Plus, we’re working on our technology and service all the time to make it even better.

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