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Store-To-Home: FlashBox’s Sustainable Delivery Model Is The Future For Same-day Delivery


Convenience and sustainability are two new key factors that are joining the international debate about delivery. When reviewing the delivery process as it is today, we need more sustainable delivery model resources for everyone. People are looking for new technologies, ideas, and methods to solve problems in the delivery sector.

Let’s review what kind of things FlashBox has done to have great same-day delivery. Specifically, sustainable rush delivery, and a useful fleet of green bikes and hybrid vans to deliver.

Cleaner, More Sustainable Deliveries: Carbon Neutrality

People don’t just want fast, efficient delivery anymore. People want safe, fast, clean, efficient delivery – something that doesn’t destroy their environment. That way, people can enjoy getting their shirts on time fifty years from now. We don’t want Toronto, or Canada, to get permanently polluted due to the massive amount of fossil fuels. Different kinds of effects from climate change are already happening, and we want to stop that as much as possible.

That’s why reducing our carbon output to neutral – or even positive, in the future – is one of the biggest goals for FlashBox. Pollution can cause irreparable damage to urban environments. We use a fleet of all different kinds of vehicles. FlashBox actively tries to use bikes, hybrid, and electric vehicles as much as possible for our last-mile deliveries. We do this to assist as much as possible with this very important aspect of how businesses are changing in the modern era. By reducing pollution, and using local shop delivery to reduce how long a package needs to travel, we all win. Specifically, we save on miles, fight pollution, and provide a better service for the customers of FlashBox, in Toronto and beyond.

More sustainable solutions

Creating A New Delivery Network

While green energy is amazing and finding ways to be carbon neutral is great they aren’t our only goals. Here at FlashBox, we have other plans – like creating a great network of delivery systems using small stores to make an experience unlike anything else seen before. We’re currently in the process of creating a store-to-home model that makes a brand new delivery network unlike anything else that has ever been seen before. 

This kind of shared logistics system will make last-mile delivery and rush delivery optimized in urban environments. Places like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and various other Canadian cities with a goal of taking the business internationally. To do this, we’ll optimize routing and other important aspects of the delivery system. We’ll have the best possible process for last-mile delivery, rush delivery, and of course, same-day delivery. To really bring out services to the next level, though, we need to think beyond just what we normally offer. We want to start considering what our technology can do if brought to other industries.

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Making Systems That Go Beyond Delivery

FlashBox’s largest goals are based on creating sustainable technology that helps fuel green cities. Along with providing things like fast responses, extreme convenience, and efficiency for customers and clients. This is most easily represented with delivery but doesn’t have to be. Creating these kinds of systems means this convenient technology and sustainable experiences can be used for more than just last-mile deliveries. We’re using things like real-time tracking technology and a green energy fleet to make our deliveries fast and sustainable. However, these kinds of technologies can floursih in a variety of other industries. 

Why not use real-time tracking technologies to create greater efficiencies in other industries? Or harness green energy machinery on a greater scale for things like manufacturing or production? Here at FlashBox, we think about things like this. This is why we’re innovating and taking these technologies and systems as far as we can. We want to take customer and client experiences to the next level. We’re leading the charge in Toronto, Canada,, and we’re not looking at stopping any time soon. 

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