Why Returns Are Great For e-Commerce - And How Same-Day Delivery Improves It Further

Why eCommerce Returns are Great – And How Same-Day Delivery Improves It Further


Online ordering is convenient – getting nearly any kind of good or product you want to be delivered to your door without having to go anywhere is commonplace. Despite all of that, however, there are a few noticeable downsides to its returns. If you can’t actually see and hold the product or item in your hands, sometimes, things don’t live up to expectations. Other times, the seller may have over-exaggerated certain aspects of the product, or its price doesn’t match the actual experience or use that it was supposed to deliver.

Whatever the reason, people often want to return products they buy online. Almost four times as often as in person, in fact (about 30% vs 8.89%). And then the convenience turns into frustration, as you need to ship the product back yourself. How can we turn this issue around? It’s incredibly prevalent in online shopping. At FlashBox, we’ve been working on correcting this problem so it’s no longer such a frustration for the customer.

Convenient and Easy Returns With Same-Day Delivery

Around 70% of online shoppers check to see if they can return a product before actually committing to the purchase. While around less than half (remember, 30%) actually get that refund or ask for it, it shows how important people find this aspect of online buying to be. FlashBox has several different ideas, technologies, and solutions to try and get around this issue. Same-day delivery gets the product to a customer faster, which is always helpful. Not to mention that the same technology and service allow for fast returns.

How? It’s really simple. Whether by selecting a timeslot online on the FlashBox website or via another process, the customer can easily organize a return via courier in a convenient, stress-free manner. It’s incredibly easy to organize and most people find it to be a relaxing, easy method of return. So in the same process that FlashBox got the product to the – fast, e-commerce delivery – FlashBox processes the return. In some industries, this process is almost invaluable.


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A Seamless Process Increases Customer Loyalty

Fashion is the easiest example of an industry were not being able to make a return, is a make or break for a sale or a business as a whole. People aren’t going to want to buy shoes or a new shirt online,  if they aren’t assured that they can switch it out for one that fits better, at the very least. It’s a major downside to buying clothes online.

With FlashBox’s return strategies and same-day delivery policies, you won’t have to worry about going to trudge through the snows of Toronto to get your package to the postage office in order to get the return issued. This is a great way of pulling the lever of customer loyalty. Customers appreciate services like this, and these days really don’t like shopping online at all without return guarantees.


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A Process Very Few Retail Stores Emulate

These kinds of fast, convenient delivery services are integral to the way that FlashBox operates and services both the e-commerce sector as well as the public, brick-and-mortar stores with its deliveries. Almost 90% of people would prefer to buy from the same vendor again after a good delivery experience. However, over half, after a bad experience, switch to another site or company for future purchases. By utilizing FlashBox, e-commerce websites get access to great last-mile delivery that no other website, app, or service can match. 

This can make all the difference in customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty. Which is far more monetarily efficient than having to acquire a customer. If you want great service and amazing last-mile delivery in Toronto, try using FlashBox for your needs. We’re improving our technologies and services all the time, and things are only getting better the further we do so.


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