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Last-Mile Delivery Sustainability


Last-Mile Delivery Sustainability

Last-mile delivery is an important, critical step of the delivery process. Not only does it complete the delivery process to the recipient of the package, but it can have some negative side effects as well. Last-mile delivery is the cause of a large amount of pollution in the world, due to the number of fossil fuels being utilized to complete this final stage of deliveries. Delivery sustainability is an issue with too few eyes following it. 

Urban city centers are where most of these deliveries occur, and there is a push to make these processes cleaner. More sustainable deliveries can be mean cleaner cities overall. 

Focus on Green Solutions and Sustainability

Because express delivery and same-day delivery are becoming so mainstream and used by the populace, a push on a greener initiative to complete these kinds of deliveries has become more popular. In a city like Toronto, Canada, this has never been truer. Fossil fuels get burned to deal with the deep snow and the harsh cold, and even more, is used for however many trucks and delivery vans run through the city on a daily basis. 

Courier services and companies that offer green solutions, such as couriers utilizing bicycles, are becoming more popular as a push towards a greener delivery service becomes stronger. Part of this is also due to consumers wishing to have a sustainable, eco-friendly form of last-mile delivery. They want their products, but they don’t want it at the cost of the environment – this is where green last-mile delivery becomes so important.

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A Cleaner Toronto Environment

Because pollution is a threat to residents in cities like Toronto, it’s no longer just efficiency that matters in delivery. Customers and clients want green solutions and environment-friendly ways of transporting things. Simply because it does no good to get your package on time if your health is being threatened by that same convenience.

Many government agencies, both local and national, are looking to try to improve this aspect of life. In addition, they want to offer fast service while still satisfying the desire for a more green courier service. For example, in Canada, there have been several recent political pushes like banning coal-fired power plants and passing an act in 2016, the Multi-sector Air Pollutants Regulations, which limits the number of emitted pollutants from various different kinds of machinery. In Toronto, there are similar initiatives: the carbon credit policy and the attempt to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Toronto City Hall

Importance of Smart-City Focused Technologies

Because of all of these issues, it’s more important than ever that last-mile delivery is environmentally-friendly. Courier services should be efficient. Offering great delivery while still satisfying the requirements and expectations.

Here at FlashBox, we prioritize green and clean technologies. Our best-in-class last-mile delivery service is fast and clean. We maintain our efficiency while utilizing a fleet of all kinds of different couriers – from electric cars to hybrids.

Using these technologies along with our vetted couriers, we can deliver great service to everyone. All the while keeping things clean and pushing for a green future.

We stay true to the values of our customers and clients with this commitment towards green technology. FlashBox will always focus on great service with care towards the values that we hold as key to our organization: and a green, sustainable delivery fleet is one of them.

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