6 Mother’s Day Marketing Suggestions for eCommerce Businesses

6 Mother’s Day Marketing Suggestions for eCommerce Businesses


Are you looking for ways to market your business on Mother’s Day?

The average Canadian spends $111 on Mother’s Day, making it the most shopped-for event after Christmas.

Yet, your business may not attract as many clients if you don’t focus on marketing your eCommerce for Mother’s Day. But you also need to know how to present yourself to Mother’s Day shoppers to convince them your products make the perfect gifts. Below, we’ll go into six marketing suggestions for Mother’s Day. Keep reading so you can sell items moms will love!

Keep the Buyer’s Intent in Mind

Successful marketing campaigns boil down to your ability to show the client how you can meet their needs.

Mother’s Day is a unique holiday because businesses don’t have to guess their clients’ needs. They know that many of their clients will want something to make their mother feel special.

So, you should tailor your Mother’s Day marketing to this need. Include text that tells your clients how your product will enhance their moms’ day.

Create Gift Guides 

People don’t know what to get their moms for Mother’s Day most of the time. So, providing guides to your different Mother’s Day gifts can help them find the perfect product.

To get started on these gift guides, identify which of your products are most likely to be purchased by different women. Then, divide your products into categories for specific moms, such as “gifts for the working mom” or “gifts for moms who like self-care.”

Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Mother’s Day presents an excellent opportunity to drive up your social media engagement. You can do this by posting information on sales or encouraging customers to share stories about their moms.

You could even run giveaways. Encourage your followers to share photos and memories of their moms, and then reward the best storyteller with a discount or unique item. Ask them to tag their moms or share the story on their pages.

Bundle Your Products

If you want to create a Mother’s Day special, consider bundling several of your bestselling products. Then, offer them less than the customer would pay if they bought them individually.

Doing this helps your customer feel like they’re getting a great deal and encourages sales.

Use Multiple Marketing Platforms

To get the most out of your marketing, you should post information on your sales on multiple platforms. Make sure your website has information about discounts.

You should also post about your sales on social media and send out email campaign messages.

Make It Easy to Shop

Your marketing materials should include direct links to your products. If they don’t, your customer may not take the time to search for what you sell.

If you’re using promo codes for eCommerce, make them easy to find on the page.

You can also offer same-day delivery for people shopping at the last minute.

Ready to Make Mother’s Day Special?

Helping your customers wish their moms a happy Mother’s Day may help you gain new clients.

If the mom receiving the Mother’s Day gift isn’t one of your existing customers, you’ll have a chance to introduce her to your products. You should make sure you only put your highest-quality items on sale.

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