Multi-drop Ordering; An Efficient Delivery System

Multi-drop Ordering; An Efficient Delivery System


Delivering to multiple locations (multi-drop ordering) creates a more efficient delivery route for your business. You can leverage multi-drop deliveries to provide more efficient service. It will reduce fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, and travel time.

Multi-drop ordering also enables the scheduling of deliveries around the most optimal times of the day (i.e., early morning or late at night). Doing so reduces labour cost per delivery. It also increases customer satisfaction by delivering their orders on time.

Below are four ways you can bring efficiency into your order intake process. They will help decrease costs and increase revenue:

1) Offer Multi-Drop Delivery Options

Offering multi-drop delivery options during customer checkout is another way to make the organization of your daily routes more efficient. With FlashBox desktop dashboards, customers are presented with various delivery options (i.e., a single address, multiple addresses) when they place an order.

2) Improve Your Route Planning with Multi-Drop Orders

It’s advisable to include multi-drop locations in your routes for pickups and deliveries. For example, suppose you deliver to a campus environment where multiple buildings are located close together (i.e., dorms). In that case, it makes sense to group these buildings into a one-stop/pickup location on your route planning. This one-stop/pickup location eliminates the need to backtrack and saves time by cutting your travel time between stops.

3) Increase Customer Satisfaction

By offering multi-drop delivery options, you can satisfy customers by delivering their items on time. On-time delivery increases customer satisfaction and builds trust, which leads to increased business in the long run.
For example, suppose a customer places an order that includes an item currently out of stock. In that case, they may choose to have the rest of their order delivered at one location while being notified when it the available for pickup at another location. Not only does this provide convenience for your customer, but it also reduces backorder charges that result from missing deliveries and no-shows.

4) Save Fuel and Operational Costs

Fuel consumption is a significant expense related to running your business. For example, suppose you have a fleet of 25 vehicles delivering to 500+ addresses per day. In that case, it would be more efficient to have these deliveries occur in one pass rather than five or six smaller runs. In addition to saving fuel costs, it also enables a reduction in vehicle wear and tear, which can help bring down your operational costs.

FlashBox’s delivery solutions enable retailers the opportunity to provide same-day delivery to their customers. Businesses that use FlashBox can leverage intelligent route planning technology to increase efficiency through multi-drop deliveries.

Are you interested in offering same-day delivery to your customers? FlashBox can help. Get started today.

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