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Why to Offer Online Shopping as a Long-Line Alternative


The latest look into offline and online shopping shows that almost 60% of customers prefer the latter. This is no surprise considering that purchases via the internet involve much less effort on the customer’s part. Do you need to offer online shopping to your customers?

So, it’s already common for buyers to avoid waiting in line at a store. Is there a way to improve this, though? Can you give the consumer more power over delivery schedules and arrival dates?

Yes, you can, to an extent. Last-mile delivery is where the magic happens. It benefits both consumers and retailers.

Take a look below at how you can offer an amazing delivery solution for your customers, and avoid both physical and digital waiting lines in the process.

Time Matters

Time is the most valuable non-renewable resource. You don’t have to look far for proof of this from consumers, considering more than 88% are willing to pay extra for same-day delivery and 80% for express delivery.

Consumers don’t want to wait.

What better way to satisfy a customer than speedy deliveries that are on time?

Last-Mile Delivery

Matching customer expectations is no easy task, especially in the field of last-mile delivery. You need strict logistics with end-to-end control of delivery ops.

Points of convenience are also essential. Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD), for example, offers buyers a simple way to sign receipts with a virtual verification. These small details are like a cherry on a sundae; they’re not necessary, but they improve the experience overall.

Benefits for Businesses

It’s always great to satisfy a customer’s needs. What’s in it for your company, though? Why would you integrate a platform to provide delivery-as-a-service?

Two factors stand out most. These are crowdsourced deliveries and dynamic routing.

Crowdsourced Deliveries

Scaling a service or product delivery system comes with a myriad of challenges for any business. Without the proper software or management strategy, it’s easy for it all to fall apart.

To reach and satisfy more clients and customers, last-mile deliveries integrate crowdsourcing. This system onboards and offloads managerial talents depending on demand.

There are filters for cost, experience, and more.

Dynamic Routing

On the issue of scaling, it’s worth noting that every delivery job will have a unique route. If you want to meet deadlines and ensure your service is on time, you’ll need dynamic routing.

This enables logistics managers to track executives and an entire fleet in real-time. You can configure different alerts, notifications, and automated messages for stalled vehicles or those straying from the proper route.

Additionally, this system adds facilitated calculations for routes that can assist same-day delivery. It takes variables like the current amount of fuel into account for optimal pathing.

Offer Online Shopping to Grow Your Business

Last-mile delivery offers so much for companies suffering through growing pains. An expanding customer base is only so amazing, as logistics become complicated and satisfying all of them turns into a tricky task.

No need to fret. There are plenty of solutions for businesses trying to improve the customer’s experience.

Talk with one of our delivery experts today about your delivery solutions that work for retailers, Instagram shops, and any small businesses. Make life easier for both you and your buyers today!

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