Drive With FlashBox: Become an Independent Driver and Earn up to $25/h

Drive With FlashBox: Become an Independent Driver and Earn up to $25/h


Independent drivers, whether full-time or part-time, have the freedom to work for themselves. Drivers who work part-time can go to school, have another job or use their extra time leisurely. Full-time drivers know that there are always shifts and opportunities to make money. In short, being an independent driver allows you to work flexibly, independently and make the most amount of money possible.

If you are an independent driver or considering becoming one, try delivering with FlashBox. We are always looking to grow our fleet of professional, reliable and efficient drivers. 

Here’s why you should drive for FlashBox.

Flexible Working Hours

At FlashBox, we make deliveries all day. As a result, our drivers have the flexibility to choose what time they want to work. We don’t have a minimum amount of hours that needs to be worked, so you can take shifts for as long or as little as you’d like. 

If you are looking for work in the mornings, consider doing our pick-ups. These deliveries run between 11 am and 2 pm. You will pick up parcels from our merchants and bring them to our sorting center in Markham. 

Or, do you work a day job and prefer to earn some extra cash in the afternoon? Consider making FlashBox’s drop-offs. From 2 pm to 9 pm, you will deliver parcels across the GTA. With our route-optimized bundles, you won’t feel like you are driving all over the place. 

If you are thinking to yourself, ‘I want to do both pick-ups and drop-offs,’ you can! Driving with FlashBox means you can take as many deliveries as you would like to. As long as the deliveries don’t interfere with each other, you can do multiple routes within a day. 

Competitive Pay

One of the most compelling reasons to work with FlashBox is our competitive pay. As an independent driver with FlashBox, you can earn up to $25/h. Your earnings are determined by your total driving time from the moment the parcel gets picked up until the last drop-off destination. Specifically, we pay a fixed rate of $20/hour based on an initial 35km travelled. Any additional distances travelled above 35km are paid according to your vehicle size.

  • Cars: $0.35 cent/km
  • Mini-van: $0.40 cent/km
  • Cube van: $0.50 cent/km

For example:

  • On Monday, you drive for 3 hours in a sedan car and travel 100km.
  • You will receive a total of $82.75.
  • $60.00 for driving (3 hours x $20/hour) + $22.75 for mileage (65km x $0.35)

Earn Anytime, Anywhere

Another great perk of driving with FlashBox is our flexibility with ‘Anytime, Anywhere.’ You already know that you can drive with FlashBox as much or as little as you want, but did you know that you can drive where you want as well? 

We currently service the entire GTA. We go as far west as Oakville, as far east as Oshawa, as far north as Newmarket and as far south as Lake Ontario. Because we service so many areas, you can pick where you want to deliver! 

However, limiting yourself to specific cities or areas may result in fewer deliveries. Our suggestion is always to take the best route possible to ensure you earn the most money you can. 

Who We Are Looking For

FlashBox is looking for independent drivers who are ready to earn money. We look for those who are often available to make deliveries, are excited about what they do, and are personable. 

Some technical requirements:

  • 18+ years old
  • You have a smartphone with a data plan
  • Your own vehicle (sedan, hatchback, station, van, pick-up)
  • Clean driving record with vehicle insurance
  • 1+ years of driving experience
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 66lbs

Things we’d love for you to have but don’t require:

  • Commercial driving experience
  • Large vans, sprinter vans, box vans
  • Ability to lift and carry above 66lbs

How it Works

To become an independent driver with FlashBox, you first need to apply on our website. From there, you’ll receive an email instructing you to upload copies of your license, insurance and registration. Once we confirm all your information is up to date, there’s one final step you need to complete. 

You will be required to watch a short, 5-minute video that details the driving experience with FlashBox. After the video, you will need to take an even quicker, 11 question quiz. The quiz is based on the video and is very straightforward (only if you watched the video!). 

After that, we review your quiz results, and if you pass, we get you started right away! To get the most orders possible, ensure you are online and regularly checking the FlashBox Driver App for the new orders. FlashBox is always looking for drivers, so be sure to periodically check to start making money. 

Quick recap:

  1. Apply on our website
  2. Submit your documents
  3. Watch a short video
  4. Complete the following quiz
  5. Check the app regularly for available orders
  6. Begin driving as an independent driver with FlashBox!

Have Questions? We have the answers!

Use our knowledge center to get quick answers to commonly asked questions. You can find short articles written about a range of topics. Find our knowledge center here

If you still have questions, our support team is here to help. You can reach time by calling us toll-free at 1-888-631-7895, live chat on our website or email us at 

Start driving with FlashBox as an independent driver today!

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