Stage 3 How to Prepare Your Business for Re-Opening

Stage 3 : How to Prepare Your Business for Re-Opening


How to Prepare Your Business for Stage 3 Re-Opening! The number of vaccinated individuals in Ontario has now cleared 7 million people. That’s roughly 60% of adults eligible for the vaccine. This landmark comes sooner than anticipated and led to the decision to move forward with Stage 3 of the reopening plan this month.

But what will this move mean for you and your business? Although we are closer than ever to returning to normalcy, the lingering pandemic still causes challenges.

So today let’s take a look at what this stage of reopening will look like, and what tools can help you surmount the challenges it poses.

What Stage 3 Will Look Like

Stage 3 is a significant step forward in Ontario’s reopening plan. Its main focus is expanding indoor-based services.

Mask and social distancing mandates will remain in place for the time being. However, many businesses are now permitted to raise their capacity limits to 50% of their maximum.

Affected businesses include gyms, show venues, theatres, and the like all having their capacity raised to 50%. This is a boon to businesses relative to the restrictive mandates that were in place before. Outdoor spaces like sporting arenas, amusement parks, and landmarks will have their capacity raised to 75%

How Reopening Will Affect Businesses

While Stage 3 is as good news, some excitement should be tempered. While the capacity increases bode well for a strong economic boom, they’re still a far cry from where we were pre-pandemic. Particularly for businesses like indoor nightclubs who are still limited to only 25% of the maximum capacity.

Complicating matters is the fact that almost 20% of Canadians are still hesitant or outright opposed to getting a COVID vaccine. This raises concern that the rate of reopening may slow. At worst, progress may even go backward if newer strains of COVID can develop vaccine resistance.

So for the foreseeable future, it would be wise for businesses to reopen with an air of cautious optimism. And to have a plan in place should the reopening process stall.

In any event, securing your business’s supply line will remain critical. When the first wave of lockdowns went into effect last year, few businesses were prepared for the supply shortages that they caused. And even now, many consumers are hesitant to avoid places with crowds and long lines.

Last-mile delivery services offer an alternative to a wholly in-person business model. Even before the pandemic and stage 3, consumers preferred the convenience of On Demand Delivery to brick-and-mortar stores. Particularly if same-day delivery is an option for them.

With our express delivery service, you can reach consumers you would otherwise lose to the competition, helping to grow your base while staying COVID compliant.

Adapting to the New Normal

Reaching Stage 3 is a significant step forward in allowing business to resume as normal. But as the pandemic continues to pose challenges and consumer caution remains high, businesses still new to adapt to this new status quo.

Fortunately, some options can allow you to not only survive the new normal but to thrive in it. For one example, look no further than what our first-mile delivery services can do to help streamline the logistics of your business’s supply chain.



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